Ernest and Pablo declined. So did Mitt(but may retroactively change his mind)

But, Literati, I see that I made it to finals

(I sleep with the judge)

I am inspired by Miryam Meier-Howard”s candor, that, and a single Sam Adams, so I thought I would, as O.J. Simpson failed to confess, give it a stab.

Here is my entry into the contest You Didn’t Write That


by Moi

When my mother died.  I did not shed a tear.

At her ceremony, I carried the urn of her ashes and our roles were at last reversed.  She was the infant, cradled in my arms.  I took her to the highest point on the Kona coast, there to scatter her ashes.  My father was there, and told me on the way up the hill that he was thinking of importing a Korean wife.

Bruce and Lisa friends from Singapore and Borneo and friends still, accompanied me, and we found a hut to conduct the ceremony.  Lisa played banjo.  “Will the circle be unbroken?”  A couple a New York Kikes, according to my father, didn’t realize we were conducting a service, and Bruce intercepted them to allow our privacy.  Lisa is also a Kike, though not from New York, and maintained her dignity, controlled her disgust at my father, and continued to play as my drunken father did his best to make it all about him.   He was, of course, in pain.

Years later, for complicated reasons, when I was told that he died my first words were “Thank God.” And not a tear.

When my past lover died over a year ago of her own hand. I was stunned, and could not cry, though was catatonic for weeks.

But on a warm spring evening, over the phone, you told me that you loved me, and at last, I wept like a baby.

This changes everything.

8 thoughts on “Ernest and Pablo declined. So did Mitt(but may retroactively change his mind)

  1. KYLE says:

    WOW. Love transcends all.I’m happy that those words made it to your heart knowing that you are lovable.  As we all are, that waits for those 3 words from the people we care about. It can indeed change everything. A beautiful internal piece that moves… like the spirit you are Thorn.

  2. Mac Eagan says:

    “Even in laughter, the heart may be in pain.”  – Proverbs 14:13.
    There are so many ways with which we deal with grief.  But in the end, it is the tears that do us the most good.  I am glad you found yours.
    Thank you, as well, for this beautiful story.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    As long as I live, Thorn, death will be elusive as the mystery I think it is.  Of course… I’m alive.  Grand-pops died in my arms. mom of cancer, dad of a broken heart.  These events harden around the heart and are suppose to make us wiser.  Never got that, but when the spirit moves it’s time to clean the rooms to the corners.  We live by our own clocks.  Thank you for expressing your time of day.

  4. Miryam says:

    Dearest T, Your writing in this piece is what changes lives. It holds a depth that is hard to capture in words, however you have succeeded brilliantly. The thread of life and death is so closely aligned.
    I also carried my son’s ashes and placed them in the earth… maybe someday I will try to pen my heart at that moment.
    When I am blessed with tears, I am learning to let them flow. Gd gave them to me for a reason. May it be so with you also good friend. Shalom.

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