Entry Number Seven! Our FINAL finalist


(my old stomping grounds…Almost Avalon soon to be published!)

Good Evening again!

I am now posting our last finalist in The First Annual Peggy Dobbs’ Write-of-Passage Contest.

I will let all the stories settle a while, and tomorrow I will submit a post that will allow you to tell me who is supposed to win.

The winner will be announced Sunday afternoon.

This final entry is sweet, because it refers to Peggy herself, who inspired this contest.

As you decide your favorites, please remember that the winner will not be determined by the touchy-feely nature of their writing, but by its literary merit, regardless of whether it inflates or deflates you.  Got a few downers in the pile, but if they are well written, they are still in contention for winning the $500.

Here is

The Scrapbook

by Contestant #7


The empty pages of the scrapbook fluttered in the wind as I stared out towards Catalina Island, blotted out by fog.

I wanted her to see the coastline of California—the promised land for those enslaved by endless mainland. What failing health prevented her from experiencing first hand, I at least wanted her to see in pictures. Scrapbook and camera in hand, I was ready to renew her faith in this world.

But by then, it was too late. Her faith in the next world had just been rewarded.

The wind blew harder, turning the pages. My face burned red—the way it did when my notebooks were void of the homework I should have done.

“What are you waiting for, honey?”

Is hearing a voice in the wind an indicator to switch to decaf coffee?


“Grab your camera!  You don’t get a clear view of Catalina too often!”

“There’s still fog,” I protested.

“So? The water’s pretty, too. Just take some lovely pictures to put in that album!”

“But why? This scrapbook was supposed to be a gift for you.”

The sun’s light pulsed brighter for a moment.

“Well, now this scrapbook can be a gift for you instead. It’s yours, honey; make sure whatever you put in it makes you happy.”

As I picked up my camera, her voice carried over the water, blowing away the clouds that obstructed my view of Catalina Island.


15 thoughts on “Entry Number Seven! Our FINAL finalist

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Indeed sweet, flowing as waves brimming with life remembering life that has passed to the graces of wind and embracing fog. Tender are the words, sentimental, not rushed, but meditated softly, intimately and compelling us onto this voyage for the one we hold dear in our hearts, Peggy. Lovely story Miryam (my guess). Peggy, I am sure, feels your love for her.

  2. elizabeth sloan says:

    I like that image of scrap book pages waiting to be filled in. I would like this writer to continue and fill in those pages, and then one day share them with me so that I, too, can come to know Peggy. Oh, and sure, we can meet on Catalina!

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    Perfect in delivery. This is a very lovely image of creating something for Peggy and in her wise ways…clearly shows it for you. Could hear her voice in this one. Brilliant and loving.

  4. Mac Eagan says:

    When Thorn said in his preamble that this story “refers to Peggy herself” the first two finalists that popped into my mind were Stefanie and Miryam. The references in the story itself to unfinished homework and to coffee leaned me more towards Stefanie. But there is a spiritual belief revealed by the end of the story that changed my mind to Miryam. The optimistic replies to the narrator’s objections about trying to get the shot really seemed to sum up Peggy, and reveal to those who never had the privilege of associating with her (although it was only online) the fantastic and positive person she was. This story is a great tribute.

  5. Tiffany Monique says:

    “Is hearing a voice in the wind an indicator to switch to decaf coffee?”

    NO. It is an indicator that the character in this story is clever and engaging, and sweet like Peggy was to me in the brief time that I knew here. Wonderful finalist.

  6. Julie says:

    A better late than never comment…your story earned my “two votes” for the Peggy Dobbs contest. Thank you for such wonderful writing!

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