Enter-sections by Kyle Katz

Many apologies go out to Kyle Katz for the unfortunate mis-posting of this wonderful story. This is her entry into the finals of the contest and was overlooked by prob’ly all of us that read Thorn’s essay on Almost Avalon. Please read and enjoy and leave Kyle some love for this beautiful story of All I Want….


Halting red light. The boundaries are set.  The red light of life’s miseries lingers too long…thinking!

Yellow light has a little leniency. I need to dodge in-between traffic to cross. Pumped up on yellow adrenalin of danger. A caution of unknown could be coming… I trust my instincts.

Infamous green light…more shadows of questions– give birth­– where the hands of God’s placement are much more delineated.

How far should I go? How much do I really want to see? I plunge forward.  All I really want for Christmas is my detachment from outcome. Tis the season to let go…let goD.

11 thoughts on “Enter-sections by Kyle Katz

  1. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    Ya let go…until you see red and blue and hear the magical sound: “WOOOOO!!!” Introspective, deep, even in a moment most think to be mundane

    • KYLE says:

      We can get a lot of “WOOOO”(and I have) If we don’t have the patience to wait for the red. Or make the wrong decision to blaze through the yellow, or fail to realize as we accelerate through the green, that someone is still in the yellow mode. Then they take our picture.” More WOOO.” I’m taking my bike riding along natures trail.
       Thanks for reading this!

  2. Thorn says:

    Course, what Gary forgot (he’s from Texas) is that the entries were intended to anonymous till Mike Stang selects a winner.  But true, it is a great story.  Sorry I pontificated all over your story and squashed it to the bottom about my motives for selecting the prompt that I did. Just a pontificator, I guess.

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    Got it…great symbology for the aspects of life – decision, indecision and unknown – the greatest being in the end is letting go of all things and allowing the decision to place our faith hand and hand with creation.  You have a great many levels here my friend and I’m enjoying the process of filtering through them.  Specfabdeceptinglovulous.

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