Editor-in-chief turns down invitation from a beautiful woman!

I know, I know.  Hard to believe.

But Local Literati!  You don’t have to turn her down!

Here is an email I got from my friend Kristine (beautiful women–Thorn–  Are we seeing a pattern here?) Kristine is a wonderful woman, published author whose passion in life is promoting through her books and workshops an anti-bullying message in schools,(not unlike my own ambitions as director of www.kidexpression.org, a 501-c-3) and with equal flair she helps people communicate with written words when relationships are in need of mediation or enhancement. (Enhancement? Moi?)  Check out her website: www.kristinerosegrant.com  Tell her I said “hi” and that we are overdue to wine together.

Thanks for sending this in, my dear.


“Hi Thorn,
I am forwarding this interesting meet up and thought you might want to go as well.  Let me know.  I hope your holidays were filled with love, family and friends.  It has been a tumultuous year in 2012…yet a great deal of learning and opportunities for more clarity and being reminded to live in grace.
Big hug,

An evening with Alex Boese @ Upstart Crow

  • Upstart Crow Bookstore

    835 C West Harbor Drive
    Seaport Village
    San Diego, CA (map)

    As you come in from the parking lot, we’ll be to the left when you enter the room. The bookstore is facing the parking lot, so you don’t need to go into Seaport Village proper, it’s one of the first stores you’ll find off to the left (facing the lot)


    A night with Alex Boese, author of

    Electrified Sheep: Glass-eating Scientists, Nuking the Moon, and More Bizarre Experiments — a roller coaster ride of shock, laughter and tears! You can check out Alex’s books, The Museum of Hoaxes, Hippo eats Dwarf & Elephants on Acid on his website http://www.musuemofhoaxes.com, or download a free chapter of his latest at http://www.amazon.com/Electrified-Sheep-Glass-eating-Scientists-Experiments/dp/1250007534/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_1 Alex will be talking about his career as an author and how he became an author right out of grad school. His highly successful website generates income for him to be a full-time author and constant radio, TV and press interviews from media all over the world keep him in the limelight. He spoke to our group last year and many of you requested having him back — so here he is! The Upstart Crow is a great venue — we’re off to the side in our own space — There is limited seating, so make sure you RSVP soon!  !!And make sure if you RSVP that you do show up!!

3 thoughts on “Editor-in-chief turns down invitation from a beautiful woman!

  1. Glclark says:

    “…whose passion in life is promoting through her books and workshops an anti-bullying message in schools.”
    Thornberry – this is a perfect match for the manuscript I just finished and have been talking to you about – “The War on Bird Street.”

  2. diana_SD says:

    The event is on my calendar!  And it’s in my neighborhood!  Well, not exactly, but close. Trying to find the link to RSVP.

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