Editor-in-Chief discusses hair with Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Doerr

Literati!  Here in the ‘Cow, the land of Heming-by-the-way and the double entundra, stuff does happen!  The University of Idaho, where I am jump-staring my career as a full time student, hosted Anthony Doerr last night, to an audience of about 900 people.

After discovering who does his hair, we exchanged stories and books: I have just read “All the Light We Cannot See,” which won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize, and he is about to read our own Fred Rivera’s  “Raw Man” –Pulitzer nominated and winner of the Isabelle Allende Miraposa Award for Best New Fiction, 2015.  Excellent reads, both, but only Raw Man is available on www.rawmanthebook.com or in our store.

A Word with You Press is re-scheduling Fred, Victor Villasenor, and Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Freedman to come to the ‘Cow this spring, rather than November as originally planned, as Idaho local Anthony Doerr will be coming back in November himself for a followup performance.  We don’t want the events elevating blood pressure and leading to heavy beer consumption among those who will be in that impossible quandary of deciding which of these competing events to attend.

Look for our new contest launch this weekend, btw.

4 thoughts on “Editor-in-Chief discusses hair with Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Doerr

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    As they who roll craps will tell you, shake them and roll them both. Why not both events?

    Now speaking of “Pink Rose Blossoms In Love”, HINT…HINT. I look forward to the new contest and was wrong to not allow my work to be judged, so I am back in if allowed.

    These days I am scaring the neighbors with my early tenor saxophone blows that sound more moose than music and working on becoming a stand up comedienne team of Sixty-Three year old mother, Parisianne and “Twenty-Seven” (not a hint…hint) year old daughter, Rufia.

    To paraphrase Mr. Doerr from above: All the Sound They Cannot Help But Hear.

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    The silence of this blog-site reminds me of two scenes. First is in “Moonstruck” when the family is waiting around the kitchen table in silence for Loretta’s intended to show up so she can tell him she is not in love with him, but instead with his brother. The grandfather says, “Someone tell a joke!” Second is a Twilight Zone’s, “Time Enough at Last” with nuclear holocaust, a bookworm alone, bank vault, library steps, books all to himself. Mr. Bemis has never had the time to read as he wanted before, but the myopic banker drops his glasses, they shatter and he is left blind, unable to read. Joke? Response? Signpost? Rod? Help, anyone?

  3. Parisianne Modert says:

    The joke: Parisianne is sitting alone with a bartender, who pushes her a longneck beer. The place is a tomb until 6pm when Bobby McFerrin, Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller &Pharrell Williams walk in carrying an Empire Penguin named Mumble. They set Mumble down on the bar, the bartender feeds the penguin a fish while the other three take the stage & the lights spot on them. The three human guest sing while Mumble dances back & forth on the bar. Parisianne is left in shock as her beers keep getting replaced as the harmony flows. At 7 pm Bobby, Mrs. R and Pharrell pack up, pick up Mr. Mumble, a bucket of beer & fish & leave. Parisianne lays down a twenty for the beer while asking, “What was that?” He responds: “Happy Hour.”

  4. Parisianne Modert says:

    I wish to say that I have read & highly recommend Raw Man by Fred Rivera. Thanks for bringing Anthony Doerr’s “The Light We Can Not See” to our attention. I read several pages & now have it ordered. His writing is absolutely superb and attention keeping. The tale so far as I have read is historic, human interest web of beautiful descriptives and sound research. I look forward to reading this only after keeping my promise to complete reading & reviewing our own Mike Casper’s “Sing Song Child” which is also historical, detailed and compelling. We are blessed to have artistic richness & diversity adding to our humanity.

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