Drink to me only with eyen thighs! Jack Horne crosses the Pond to enter our contest!

(our Captain Jack is a rather sworded fellow)

Ahhh! my liberty-taking Literati!

There are very few rules to our contest A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story. But one of the requirements is that you use the words “but it was only a rumor”  Or, in the case of the Brits, “rumour.”

Jack Horne joins us again from Derek’s side of the Pond, lamenting Valentine’s Day but apparently having found the appropriate solution! If you find the solution to what ales you, enter our contest before the inspiration becomes a little too much to sparrow–oops!–swallow!


Here is the untitled limerick he sent us:

Hi, Thorn,
Hope this will do:
My wife is away misbehavin’,
I’m fed up with rantin’ and ravin’,
and although I’m alone,
I won’t bother to moan:
I’ll think of the money I’m savin’.
So Valentine’s Day and no wife,
And, maybe it seems sans a life,
But it’s only a rumour,
And appeals to my humour:
I’m blessed without trouble and strife.

No candlelit dinner or date,

Romance, I’m afraid, has to wait,

But in spite of it all,

I am having a ball:

I’ll have a few beers with a mate.*


* just some silliness, after crying in my beer, and realizing that life aint really so bad being single again


And here is a drink–oops!–link to Jack’s blogpost


10 thoughts on “Drink to me only with eyen thighs! Jack Horne crosses the Pond to enter our contest!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Well, o, my…while the Mrs. is away the warm beer hubby must play. Why you yanks drink your beer cold when life is full of merriment worthy of a highway thief of hearts along the road of life dotted by pubs and pretty barmaids is simply beyond my comprehension. I raise me black and tan to you Mr. Horny…I mean Horne for I am but the Tart Parisianne, Vicar Jack. Do you think the upstart colonists understood my remarks? Hardly, you say! Kisses to the Mrs. Well, tah tah.

  2. KYLE Katz says:

    The story of love is not complicated. Its the simple human connection, as bluntly and as humanly as you have described. You Live , you love, you lost, you found, you mourn, you find a good cold beer, tell stories to your best friend, make them up if you must. You laugh, you cry…and if chance has it…You love again!

  3. Michael Stang says:

    Hey Jackie-o. Hope you don’t mind me calling you that. It’s the name of one of my favorite characters who will not leave me alone. Bless his Captain’s heart. I own a dust covered collection of limericks, must weight two tons. Anyone of those pages I could slip yours into as seamless as all the others. Listen brother, if she’s really gone, I will cry along with you, and look towards a brighter horizon. One of the rules of being humans with hearts is we ain’t a oneway street…the beat goes on.

  4. Kristine Rose Grant says:

    Now now, cryin’ in your beer will never do. Put those running shoes on and go find her…you might even win some roses to give her…chin up and enjoy the gift of the chase

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