Down came the good fairy, and she said:

“Little Literati!  Diana Cresswell is here to deliver the rabbit punch (line)”

She’s really got quite a (cotton) tail to tell, as she risks a Thorning to entertain us once more. This is her second fall down the rabbit hole in our contest You Didn’t Write That.  The White Rabbit was last seen falling through the menu bar on the fourth hole from the right, marked “Contests”  Care to free-fall?

While in flight, read

Lyrical Answer

by Diane Cresswell


Damn!!!!  She and the others had come unscathed through the dimensional time barrier.  Luck held when they found an old house that would shelter them while on the mission.  Now that luck had run out.  Stella, Jim and Tracy were gone without a trace.  There one minute, gone the next.

Her psyched intuition was rezzing off the charts.  What the f**k was going on?  All her senses were jacked to overload knowing they were being watched.  Looking around she used her inner vision to pick up anything they might have missed.  Disgusted at sensing nothing viable, she paced while hearing a ridiculous children’s song about a fairy warning a bunny to stop what he was doing or she would turn him into a goon in her head.  Exasperated, she wrote what she heard…

Little bunny foo foo/Hopping through the forest/Scooping up field mice/Bopping them on the head!”

Behind her came, “You didn’t write…”

“That dribble?” she said turning and looking at Devon.  “Hell yes!  It’s in my mind screaming. The answer’s here!”

He looked at her as if she had lost all rationalization.

Night had collapsed tightening its grip.  Tension mounted inside – outside, fear moved.

Diana Cresswell accepting her trophy of Thorns as Little Bunny Foo-Foo tends to see everything in black and white



In this un-retouched photo Foo Foo tries to read between the lines, while SatiKush, known to you as the guard cat at the Towers that are A Word with You Press has a purple fit.  And what is it that Derek has underneath his hat?

25 thoughts on “Down came the good fairy, and she said:

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    I love the picture Thorn and the statement underneath – squirted coffee all over the screen of the laptop though…

  2. Kyle Katz says:

    Thorn’s visual genius had to be inspired by such a grand tale. So much content, in so little time. You wove this flash like the magical writer you have become. The wizardry of Cresswell has cast another spell on her readers. Excellent! Bunny foo foo will never be the same.

      • Diane Cresswell says:

        Just remember Chief Rabbit – you can be goon tomorrow….witch rider does the writer…crap that didn’t come out write – urghhhh  I mean which rider does the writer ride.  Hairy tales or tails that twitch in the night.  I’m having another glass of wine…everything looks better that way…

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      Poor bunny foo foo…in the end he can’t quite hold back on his addiction so he got gooned!  Hare today – goon tomorrow. Thanks sweetie – was fun – considering that this is probably the 8th rewrite – was a much cuter one that I wrote first…sillier.  Had to bring out the rezzed up warrior to bring this to some semblance of coherency – why I don’t know – just seemed like the thing to do!

  3. Mac Eagan says:

    Of course, *I* have to compliment you on being a splitter.  Not splitting hares, I mean “hairs,” but splitting the prompt.  And over two paragraphs at that!
    Of course, since I am Mac and people have come to expect this of me from time to time, I have to point out the prepositional phrase “in her head” needs to be relocated.  As it stands, the bunny is going to be turned into a goon inside the fairy’s head.  I am sure you meant the song was being heard inside the protagonist’s head.
    But the story is good, the suspense gripping, and our curiosities are awakened.
    You going to expand it and send it in for Writer’s Showcase?  It appears several people would like to read more.  I am one of them.

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      Thank you Sir Mac – its called forgetting to put comma in!!!!  Even I need a proofreader at times.   I’ll have to see like I said to Mike if this is going to go someplace…saw it for a split second – now lets’ see if that goon of a muse will take me further with it!

      • Diane Cresswell says:

        was this reply sent before drinking ALL the wine or after?  I’m sorry but I can’t understand the language – is this some form of TaiSpnFTrkItMnChiRRSAbrKSSDEGACP or something else?

        • Mac Eagan says:

          That’s exactly what I was thinking!  Well, actually, I was thinking it was a variant on pcagedsskRBasrrIHcNmTLKRtfNPsIAt, instead of TaiSpnFTrkItMnChiRRSAbrKSSDEGACP as you suggested, but the two are so similar I often get them confused.

  4. Michael Stang says:

    Oh, my!  There is not just one way to comment as there is the number of times I want to read this again.  So much stuff (from fear at night to Bunny foo?) one might get confused, but under the masterful guide of the writer, I am safe to spin the wheel.  A work in progress, a YA ready to be written.  I know you have been working on something…hmm?  Crazy-good!

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      Thank you my dear Michael…pause for thought on this one…was weird when it landed in my head so not sure where this one will go….but who knows what evil lurks in the heart and mind of writers…LOL

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