IT’S A TWO-FER!!! A story AND a poem!!!

LITERATI! So I promised Diane Cresswell I would post her story tomorrow (Friday, March 3rd)…but I’m not too good at keeping promises. Because I’ve decided, I’M POSTING IT TONIGHT INSTEAD (Thursday March 2nd)!

As a lover of the paranormal myself, stories that give me a sneak peek behind the curtain of immortality will almost always catch my attention, and Diane Cresswell delivers! So for those of you wishing it were summer already (I’m wishing it were fall already. Blasted earth and your axial tilt!!!), warm up in the sands of Egypt with:

To Be Awakened

Isis Goddess of light and dark
Equal in both realms
Bringer of life
Mother of all

Light begins each day
And Night closes down the brilliance of light
Stars rise
Moon shines
Isis comes to guide
What awaits the heart and soul
As the journey begins each day
The movement of time waits
For all and everything in between

Dear Goddess guide our passage through time
To fulfill our destiny, our journey, our spirit.


The heat sucked every drop of moisture out of the bodies, an immense sandy landscape glared back at the eyes, attempting to take in the magnificence of the ancient buildings rising to the heavens thoughts within the brain melted into oblivion.

This sand still holds the mystery and magic of an ancient time. Egypt, land of the Pharaohs, ancient beyond memory, older than archeologists imagine, embeds itself so deeply into your soul that lines are blurred between ancient and current.

Her feet ached from the sand that had filtered into the cracks and crevices of her shoes. She stood there mesmerized by the Great Pyramid. A lifelong dream had pulled at her relentlessly. Surrendering she had finally come to the ancient land of Egypt.

Now standing under the sizzling Egyptian sun with beads of sweat running down her forehead, between her breasts and armpits, she took in the splendor that lay before her. As the others on the tour moved forward, she stayed in one spot, drinking water and staring. Because of the intensity of her focus, the pyramid began to flicker in rippling heat waves.

Irisi’s feet move on their own down a passage way lit by torches. She knew where she was going having traveled this passage many times. It ended in the initiation room where future priests and priestesses were trained in the rituals and prayers of Isis the beautiful Mother. As she walked to the ceremonial room the words came swiftly under her breath … please choose me, please choose me.

She faced the Winged Isis painted on the wall in front of them as the chanting started. As all raised their heads to the icon it wavered in vibrant waves resulting with the Goddess Isis manifesting before them. Salutations were given as Isis walked elegantly to the head of the line. The choosing had begun. Her fear ran deeply within as she waited. Soon Isis stood in front of her. Looking into the beautiful eyes of the Goddess, she held her breath.

“My child, you are not chosen to be one of my priestesses.”

Hearing the words, she fell apart at the decision. Her life crumbled before her. Tears sprang into her eyes as she ran from the initiation room. She ran and ran until she came to the cliff above the wadi. In her despair, she threw herself off into death’s arms. As she fell, she heard the words, “you didn’t wait to hear the rest” float through her mind as the last thought before death.
Her focus returned hearing yelling and shouting. Irisi saw that she was on the edge of a very high sand dune. Carefully she stepped back as realization pushed forward through her mind. She was surrounded by people and guards. Brought back to where the bus was located, she was assisted to a seat. Someone, a doctor she thought, checked her over asking questions. She understood nothing. Finally she thanked him saying she would sit here to recuperate.

She stared hard at the pyramid through the window. Irisi was frightened by the vision for she knew where the doorway was that led to the underground chamber. Why, she thought? Was I really there in that place? Her mind spun with no answers coming.

Irisi closed her eyes with the question screaming in her mind. Why hadn’t she been chosen? She knew she was going to have to go back into the vision to find the answer to her question. Irisi had learned hypnosis and how to meditate. Quietly she calmed herself down allowing her breath to guide her deeper and deeper into a trance state. In her mind’s eye she saw the Winged Isis on the wall of the ceremonial room. Focusing on the Goddess she quietly invoked the prayer to Isis then asked the Goddess her question.

Irisi saw the vibrant colors waver. Isis appeared in front of her.

Her eyes misted as she looked at the beautiful goddess while words tumbled out of her mouth. “Please,” she asked, “is this real? Am I really in this chamber with you?”

Isis laughed with a smile that lit up the room.

“But of course this is real and yes you are really back in my initiation room. My child, I will answer your question.” Isis looked deeply into Irisi’s eyes. “You were not chosen because you do not belong in any temple. You belong out there,” pointing to the area outside of the pyramid. “Your training was to assist you to develop what you already have within you. A temple cannot hold you. It will destroy you if you make a choice to be in one. You are needed outside of the temple realm; that is why I didn’t choose you. I love your spirit and talent, but I had to allow you to go where you are meant to be. You left this life, but your talents are still with you.”

Irisi was stunned.

Isis smiled at the emotions crossing Irisi’s face.

“Irisi, I am with you always.”

With that Isis shimmered becoming the icon on the wall.

She returned to consciousness in the bus. Her body felt so heavy coming back to physical reality. Thoughtfully she assimilated the information given to her. Clarity arrived in segments as the experience became clearer to her. Irisi now knew why she didn’t belong to any church: her temple was out in nature. The moments rolled on as she continued to gain insight into the vision.

Past life does exist as acolyte and goddess smiled together.

So walk like an Egyptian. Sirius-ly.

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11 thoughts on “DOUBLE FEATURE!

  1. Kyle Katz says:

    What a beautiful read in my morning garden. So visually and spiritually stimulating. Gives one soul so much to ponder in this world of physical availability that can drown the senses in despair. Thank you for your gifts and showing us a different door to all possibilities. Love the intro poetry.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Diane, a terrific spin through a hero’s quest. The Egyptian backdrop and the master Goddess creates the adventure. There was a lot you had to do here, but indeed you did. Creative, like yourself.

  3. Tiffany V says:

    This was fun, and serious, and strangely sad. I loved that her epiphany happened on the bus. It’s a
    “normal is divine” kind of homage. But I wonder what got Irisi to Egypt in the first place. Was she “called”? Was it just a visit? I wonder about her character, and I hope to read more about her in the future.

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      Hi there Tiffany. Thank you and for the questions… when I wrote this out I had 1400 words which meant – sigh – cutting to be done. In the beginning I stated that Irisi had a dream as a child that stayed in her mind always calling to her. In actually – this is based on a real experience that I had with a past life which happened when I was taking a workshop with Dr. Brian Weiss. I knew I had to go back in to the remembrance which I did and got the answers to my questions. Helps being a hypnotherapist who knows how to do this. LOL Which is also what I love doing for clients who want to do past life remembering.

  4. David Jenkins says:

    It really begins
    Outside the church
    Out there
    In the
    Inside you and me.
    Thanks Diane for a revealing story.

  5. Parisianne Modert says:

    Thank you for your poetic connection to Isis, vivid storytelling and reference to Dr. Brian Weiss, MD regarding past life regression. As a believer in past life regression and a fan of Egyptology, especially Cleopatra VII who claimed to be the reincarnation of Isis, your words honored the great mysteries from before and during the ages of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

    With a curtsey and respect intended,
    The Lady Pafia (formerly, but no longer known as Parisianne Modert)

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