Door Prize?


The towers that are A Word with You Press maintains bed-quarters in several European locales:  Cezky Krumlov is one of them.  This is a Unesco site.  Unicorns saunter down the streets and from not-too-distant castle towers you can hear a damsel calling for rescue from a passing prince, happy to oblige.

We have an air bnb in the heart of the downtown pedestrian zone, Merlot House, built in1400 and upgraded to current European standards–meaning you could perform surgery in the bathroom, and the kitchen that almost does the cooking for you, a bedroom with a  vaulted arched ceiling that starts the process of seduction on your behalf. Multiple restaurants boasting of roasting Czech cuisine, or Indian food, Italian, Vietnamese, or vegetarian. The fairy-tale castle a stroll away, and romance always in the air.

It is the perfect place to retreat to write your novel, or gather fresh stories for the next one.

AND we are offering a week there as a door prize for anyone attending the Sixth Annual Writers’ and Creatives’ Reunion in Oceanside California, on June 15th. You supply your airfare this fall and we can be flexible with the dates our private apartment will be available.  Flights to Prague are as low as 700 USD round trip, and it is a scant two hour bus ride to Cesky Krumlov, where we will meet you at the station (or Prague, if you prefer). The prize is transferable, so if you are reluctant to travel half way around the world, you can give your prize to an inspiring or aspiring young couple.  But you do have to be present to win.

Czech it out for yourself:

This reunion is open to all writers and creative spirits. We encourage networking at the event, so bring biz cards and promotional material to share, and bring at your option three books to swap  It’s a pot luck, and best to bring a lawn chair or blanket, as it looks like a full house this year at the historic hacienda of best-selling author Victor Villasenor.  Full details on the FB sign up invitation:

A final note:  we are postponing our current contest, which implied that you have a novel in progress.  We will substitute a less  heavy-duty prompt at the June 15 event, a prompt that is fun to respond to, and to help you get your feet wet if you have just discovered your inner-writer.

Hope to see you in about a week!

Editor-in-Chief with the towers that are A Word with You Press (AKA the castle) in Cesky Krumlov in the heart of Bohemia

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