Don’t pretend you all haven’t done this..

If you say you haven’t, you are, quite simply, a fibber. I am actually pretty much certain everyone does this on a daily basis. If not, you’re all weird.

I recently attended a wedding, which inevitably led to this situation. Do I wear the dress that is just a little tight but looks incredibly hot, or wear the other one (which I must confess is also very nice) which gives one more room to eat a 3 course dinner. Naturally, I chose the latter.

Sod looking hot, I wanted to eat my meal in comfort thank you very much! Though, not to brag, I was still complimented on my general appearence, so please do not imagine that a sack-wearing purpled-haired troglodyte attended said wedding.

4 thoughts on “Don’t pretend you all haven’t done this..

  1. Star5fallonmyheart says:

    “I am actually pretty much certain everyone does this on a daily basis. If not, you’re all weird”

    I don't do that on a daily basis!!! I swear I don't! I don't have a full length mirror in my bedroom OR in any of the bathrooms to do that with!!!

    Huzzah! Another person who prefers comfort to fashion! Well, most of the time. I showed up fashionably late for the first time in my life for the KidXpress launch earlier this month. An anomoly, I promise you. Going to work, I wear a uniform, so I don't even bother checking to see if I look nice because I already know I look terrible and there's not much I can do to alter my appearance with our dress code (I've had at least 3-4 people within the past week ask me if I had gray hairs because of the stupid hairnet I have to wear! Stupid health codes!!!) Going to school, I don't form any long lasting relationships so I don't bother to try and look nice for my teacher or classmates. And don't even bother asking me about my appearance now that I'm home from work.

    I don't know if I'll be sucking in that gut forever…two people (one of them being my doctor) said I lost ten pounds…Skinny Vanilla Latte, anybody?

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