Does the Grim Reaper wear a condom?


I do hope you are living a life that conforms to your desires, and not your fears.  Some of us fearful ones took comfort a week ago in the crypt of our patron saint in Prague, Bukowski’s. A literary event for two reasons, and thus appropriate for AWwYP posting.  First, it’s BUKOWSKI’s!  And secondly, it was a a reunion of the writers and artists’group I germinated on my first trip to Prague almost three years ago.

The portly pilgrim getting in character here on the right is Glen, a Canuck with a published novel written in Czech (recall that Polish writer Joseph Conrad wrote all this novels in English, a language he did not even speak until he was 20). Glen has an unpublished collection of 52 short stories that, according to him, is all about sex and drugs and rock’n’roll in the 90’s in Prague.  Oh…and Glen owns the place!  Bukowski’s is the Rick’s in Casa Blanca.  Come here to be seen by all the wrong people…  And here starts many a beautiful relationship.  Thanks for the free beer, Glen!

The woman on the left flirts with the cameraman, adjusting to the disappointing news that I’m spoken for.

Telly Savalas LIVES!


Pianist Karolina Blank and husband, author Mischa Blank, with writer Helen Thompson and two dudes I don’t even know.

The woman in the window on the wall toasts our reunion!

Writer Helen Thompson and or friend Veronica light up the tomb with those glowing smiles.

These two women could have a sobering effect on Bukowski!

The point to this post?  There is none! Just livin’ the life in dead center Europe, Bohemian Rhapsody!

Stay tuned for a changing of the guard here at the Towers that are A Word with You Press!




PS.  The Grim Reaper never drinks at Bukowski’s.  It gives him a killer headache. And the answer to the question, does he wear a condom?  Yes, but only when his influence expands.








6 thoughts on “Does the Grim Reaper wear a condom?

  1. Derek Thompson says:

    Do you write short fiction in Prague and if so how has being there (people, place, situations, etc.) influenced your writing?

  2. San Diego says:

    I would love to read some of those unpublished short stories. Sounds right up my alley. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

    • Jon Tobias says:

      Or it didnt? Original post: I would love to read some of those unpublished stories. Sound right up my alley. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  3. Miryam Howard says:

    Pointless posts can be some of the best… but I love your sharing what you do best, and that’s bringing folks together with your talent of inspiration!

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