Diane Cresswell: Smell the roses, feel the Thorn


by Diane Cresswell

Insanity! Definition: doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It’s the prevailing energy in today’s society and today it has reached a frenzied crescendo where my system is screaming – STOP! It feels like 20 million trains are racing down the tracks, cars swaying like trees in a hurricane, caboose hopping along to keep up resulting in a mega-crash; brakes screeching unholy noises, engines mangled, cars flying without wings, debris floats through the air like unguided missiles.

Decision: jump!!

Ever watch a bumblebee gather pollen? They do a rumba while picking up the little balls of gold. They are probably giving directions to the other bees (men!) – but the dance they do is hypnotic. I dance with them freeing my soul.

Doing the rhumba Goldmember has gold balls (on the soles of his feet)
Doing the rhumba Goldmember has gold balls (on the soles of his feet)

Sitting in silence, I remember a story I read about dragonflies. In the ponds live specific kinds of little bugs/nymphs that hide under the leaves of the water lily, floating at times on the surface of the water. They often wonder where their friends go when they climb a stalk of grass. They never come back. One day a little bug climbs up the stalk of grass. Reaching the top he is tired and goes to sleep. Upon waking, he discovers he has transformed into a dragonfly. He wants to rush back to tell everyone what happens when one climbs up to the top, but he can’t. He knows their time will come to change. Want to see magic in action? Grab a bottle of bubbles and silently blow them over water and watch dragonflies play tag with them – both sparkling like iridescent jewels of light. Dragonflies – carriers of magic and transformation.

Before the sun rises, a grayish light hangs. In that gray light birds wake up, reaching into their being-ness commence to sing. All forms of song are thrown out into the air almost as if they are conveying to the sun everyone’s waiting for the brilliant light of a new day. I welcome those songs for my heart whispers a new day of possibilities has arrived.

Fun jumping off that train!


This porcelain trophy, hand-crafted elusively for AWwYP will be shipped to the winner, to display where ever fine beers are sold or dispensed, or perhaps on the mantel to offer Santa a few bubbles instead of milk and cookies.

Coming to an aquarium near you!  This trophy comes mounted on a black walnut base with the winner's name engraved.  Sure to make a splash.
Coming to an aquarium near you! This trophy comes mounted on a black walnut base with the winner’s name engraved. Sure to make a splash.



10 thoughts on “Diane Cresswell: Smell the roses, feel the Thorn

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Incredible imagery of male bumble bees with golden balls asking directions, motion-sensor perceptions with dragonflies playing with bubbles held my delight keeping me engaged in prophetic reason as to what otherwise is so disturbing about modern life. Brilliant Diane in both writing style and contrasting content. You had my eyes jumping word to word, bumble bee to dragonfly in spirit. 5 Bubbles.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Not your same old song and dance. Implicit, wounderous imaginarium. I had to check my shoulders in the mirror; thought I had grown wings.

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      FYI Mike – can’t see wings in mirrors – they are invisible. However, your’s are there. Thank you always and forever.

  3. kyle katz says:

    The first paragraph grabbed me by my anxiety puppet strings, making me want to jump off…anywhere. Bumble bees doing a rumba left me at my Zumba class wondering did they hear the music? Loved how your transformation gave a similarity of business in nature at the same time providing the reader contrast. After reading this again. I wondered if in nature their is the same madness to survive and thrive. Is it all a new day of possibilities? Your magical writing always makes me think…What more can be revealed as we navigate the jungles?

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      There is another level of survival in the realms of nature. However, there is no insanity overriding their joy of being just who they are. We’re the ones who carry that insanity to fictitious heights of weirdom. Thank you for observations and good that there are questions running around in your mind about different shades of reality and there are more than 50 of them!!! Love your insight.

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    Thorn: thanks for the picture – I’m on the floor in gold stitches. Payment on the way – as soon as the heat bubble diminishes.

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