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Diane Cresswell  speaks of the ethereal nature of love lost, especially its magical qualities. The Kingdom of Fae can only be entered by true believers, who can successfully blur the distinction between what is real and what is imagined.  Tis not my imagination however, to inform all of you staring into the looking glass that tomorrow is the last day to enter the contest.  We have a backlog of stories still to post, but all entries must be received by midnight tomorrow, the ides of March!

The Madness of Love 

by Diane Cresswell

“Have I gone mad?” asked the Hatter of Alice?  That line runs through my head for it is a question I cannot answer.

I remember taking my walk through the redwoods on a misty day.  Walking among the trees has always been a release for me.  My imagination takes flight.  I find fairy portals and rings which help feed imaginative possibilities.  I know that one has to be careful of wishing for something as magical as entering the Kingdom of the Fae, but I couldn’t help myself.  The redwoods provided that element of magic within their ancientness.

After that the next conscious memory I have was being in a hospital and informed my baby daughter fine and healthy.  How could I be pregnant and not know it?  How could I not remember what happened or who was involved?  How did I go from walking in the woods to having a baby?

Over the early months of my daughter Sophie’s growth, I began to have spurts of visions: an unusual underground abode, dancing under the moonlight with a man, happiness that went beyond having this precious child in my arms.  Later as she grew I found myself having more of these visions of which explicit details were further revealed: a tall man of incredible light and build, his long hair reflecting colors – shimmering colors.  Love flowed between us, intense, strong, gentle; sustained with laughter and fierce passion.  People of usual facial contours exhibiting regal demeanor or earthy simplistic mannerisms glided through these visions.  Confusing… yet somehow natural.

I’d hear him say a name spoken with devoted love in his voice – a name I did not know, a name that felt as if it carried magic within – Sabariel.  My name is Mia, but this name… this exotic name identified me also.  Madness and sanity fought equally in my mind. The precious soul known as Sophie Celine would soothe me.

The seasons passed swiftly for the two of us.  Sophie personified a child of light, a reigning princess who took people by delightful surprise, a magical bundle of creative energy inspiring everyone around her, wise and then a mischievous devil the next.  We clashed as parent and child will do.  Arguments never lasted long – how could they when dainty hands and arms would suddenly encase me, giggles bubbling out with “I love you” melting into my heart.  In those moments I would receive more visions; then gone as my child left to be with her friends.


It took me awhile to figure out the visions.  They only happened when my daughter would hug me.  Her energy, a part of her father’s heritage, was the catalyst that brought them on.  I had love – a love so deep that nothing in this world could compare to it.  Love lost, yet not.  I walk between two worlds – visions and reality.  Do you now understand my madness?

Alice said to the Hatter, “I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.”



26 thoughts on “Diane Cresswell enters our rabbit hole

  1. Monica Brinkman says:

    Do those we love reincarnate? And if so, do they touch our lives once again? Ah, that is the question and this tale speaks loudly of affirmation on this question. Funny, just spoke with my nephew who sees his father in his own son, and then find this delightful tale. A sign? No one shall really know but what folly and fun to believe. Perhaps the Hatter wasn’t so mad at all.

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      Monkia – thank you so much for your wonderful insight. Personally I know – not believe – but know we reincarnate. Being a certified clinical hypnotherapist with training in past life regressions and as a life between lives facilitator (trained in Dr. Michael Newton’s methodology) I have had the privilege and blessings of journeying with clients into their past lives. The cycle continues to happen for one cannot ‘kill’ the soul. It constantly grows and learns through each succeeding life and one life cannot bring all the growth to a soul. Are we mad? Oh yes we are – for it opens up questions and experiences we might not recognize without a little madness moving it along.

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      Thank you so much Sal for your compliment – but aren’t we all mad as hatters when we write? I’m so glad I’m in this mad group.

    • Diane Cresswell says:

      Hugs Mike and thank you. You’re one of the best – so that makes you ‘mad’ also. Good!!!! I only hang out with the best!!!

  2. Laura G says:

    Great job with the imagery and gently building suspense in such a short word count. And a fascinating topic that brings some enchantment to this contest!

  3. Miryam says:

    I usually struggle a bit with the metaphysical, but was swept away with your story Diane!! There was a sense of possiblity that you captured, dispite the duel world senerio…
    I have such admiration for this style of writing!! You are mega talented in my eyes.

  4. Kyle Katz says:

    This is a sacred walk through the forest. The stylization soul signature of the “Cresswell” stamped with the rich, deep, magical storyline…that somehow seems real. You possess such a rare gift of taking us through that thin heavenly veil of perception, (or deception depending on the reader…ask the Hatter or Alice”Ithink she’ll know”) and a clear understanding of how our souls journey and navigate. So much of us to think about as you have presented some poignant questions of the heart. An entire lifetime in so few words. Wouldn’t it be a treasure to have a number of theses stories in one book. Such a universal theme. I so loved this and read it several times; leaving my heart smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

  5. Diane Cresswell says:

    So I take it you liked it??? LOL Thank you Kyle for your wonderful perception of this story. Magic has its lure for me and my life always is a ‘walk between the worlds’ every day. And I love the idea you presented. Could be a great anthology of the mad writers in this group. Possibility Thorn???

  6. Michael Stang says:

    Ah, our Lady of the forest filled with light, love, and alternative realities
    Yes you are quite bonkers I tell you,
    Mad, Mad, Mad I say …
    And wonderful.

  7. Tiffany Vakilian says:

    Seal has a song called, “Touch” that I think you’d like, if only as a brief celebration of some of moments in your story. It feels like the gang is all here. Gary and Peggy too.

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