Diana Diehl’s Supernova of Inspiration!



Those of you who have been with us from the beginning (or maybe even just after. Or long after) know that Diana Diehl is a force to reckon with. Give her just one spark, and universes are born.

Once again, she has created. And in the words of my Creator, “It was good”.


9:23 A.M. Far too late to be lying abed. But the implications of the upcoming holiday season sit on my chest like a rock troll, rendering me immobile. I ignore them and wait for my tormentor to weary of its nightly sport.


My bedroom walls block the wind but not the cold. The chill air is crisp with fluttering regrets. I swat them away with the back of my mind and shift focus to the world outside.


The insistent ocean seeps into my consciousness and recalibrates the tempo of my thoughts. Their unrelenting buzzing drowns in the receding tide, and I can breathe again. I inhale deep, sweet rivers of oxygen, that most precious, unseen commodity.


Time to rebuild daytime’s defenses. Mundanity always offers respite, so I open my email. Hidden among the usual breakfast offerings of spam and missives that I don’t remember signing up for is a request from an old friend.


He is asking for feedback about a proposed contest to write about nothing as if it were something. Is this the origin of the Big Bang? Did The Universe emerge from a contest among angels and aliens? If my friend releases this prompt into the multiverse, what worlds will spring from the fingertips of those addicted to competition and creativity?


I can’t wait to see.



We humans figured out how to make little versions of the Big Bang. Are we remembering?

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