Words of Welcome from Across the Pond

During my Indiana Jones phase.

Hi all,

I’m Derek Thompson – the projects guy who works at a distance. But enough of my aloofness. I’m a writer and editor. I wrote a whole bunch of stuff – short and long fiction, for adults and children; magazine pieces and the occasional column; comedy material for cards, print, web, radio and live performance.

You’re welcome to visit me at www.alongthewritelines.blogspot.com and also at www.strictlywriting.blogspot.com.

I love the power of the written word to connect us, to share experiences, to communicate new ideas and to make us feel something. I also enjoy a darn good knock-knock joke. I promise to add some more links here soon.

Don’t be a stranger now!





5 thoughts on “Words of Welcome from Across the Pond

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    OH yah I remember you…the guy that darts in and out when Thorn gets bloodied…glad you’re back – well not back as you’re across the pond so to speak but then I just skipped and jumped back across the waters from Hawaii losing one’s semblance of time and reality.  That’s what you do right??  LOL  Aloha Derek.

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