Death (hmmmm) before dishonour!

Yes, I spell it with a u because, well, there’s a u in it. Just like colour.

As an artistically adorned lady myself with several tattoos, I admire the bravado of my boy Wuss. But I feel he would probably regret this one. ‘A Papercut Before Dishonour’ is not quite as hardcore as ‘Death Before Dishonour’, and may not leave the ladies swooning with delight as he probably believes.

In reality, they can often have the opposite effect. I have a friend nicknamed Crap-Tatts. I’ll let you guess why.

In fact in regards to Wuss, especially considering his name, I am not entirely sure he has realised how painful tattoos can be. Perhaps we shall find out next week….

(But perhaps not, you know, I ain’t promisin’ nuttin’! Now I have left you confused and in suspense- my general aim in life for all people I encounter.)

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