David Jenkins witnesses God’s desecrated ship


Another poet has taken the challenge to recount through poetry the loss of love, and the hope of redemption for our contest: Lost Love. Here is
A thorn from my Nootka rose

by David Jenkins


Alone, wandering lost in a no-more-forest.

A soon to be-more-forest of tiny seedlings,

Hemlock, fir, alder, cedar. Salal and Oregon

Grape sprout from un-kill-able living roots.


A forest floor littered with flotsam and

Jetsam of God’s desecrated ship.

Discarded, unwanted limbs and stumps

Ever so slowly returning to the soil from

Which all are created.


My path obliterated. Something bitter-

sweet trails behind me. I trip and stumble

Searching for a way out of this dead-zone,

Clear-cut, broken-life land. Perhaps I shall

Find a way through the debris as seedlings

Push aside impediments.


Exiled, one lonely  bird  sits  on  a

Leafless branch of a sad alder.

Abandoned by his lover, singing on, a

Song of love-dreams gone, lost forever.


Tears welling and streaming from his eyes,

Dissolve nourishment for his little perch.

Thickening tears will never become the

Amber of memory quoting years past.


Sister moon smiles at me through a small

Blue hole today. I know love , I tell her.

What next ?

She asks.



10 thoughts on “David Jenkins witnesses God’s desecrated ship

  1. Miryam says:

    I am so overwhelmed by the gift of a poet….
    The way each line forms a life of its own.
    Beautiful is the only word I can muster up in the audience of this piece.
    Thank you Mr. Jenkins.

  2. Kyle Katz says:

    I think of poetry as a design of nature. I have such an appreciation of that particular design by poets that can craft just beauty for us to feast on. Thank you David.

  3. Thornton Sully says:

    All of you folks visiting our site: Here is a reminder that our contest closes the 15th of March. If you have not yet entered the contest, here is the link to do so: https://awordwithyoupress.com/contest/at-last-a-new-contest-lost-love-it-is-valentines-day-after-all/
    Please help this community of writers grow by posting this on your website or FB, invite your friends to enter the contest and leave comments for all the entrants. You can enter up to three times: great news for the promiscuous among us who have more than one “first loves!” And you could win a mystery trophy and Nook or Kindle device… just sayin’.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I am so glad to see so much more poetry in the contest submissions! And this is yet another excellently descriptive painting of words. That poor bird… My heart got heavy for him, and that made me glad. This was awesomely written.

  5. Mac Eagan says:

    Although the poem overall is sad, I appreciated the glimmer of hope that was still maintained.

    “as seedlings
    Push aside impediments”

    More than any other line I think that is the one that speaks strongest to the true wonder of life’s design.

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