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As someone who maybe-not-so-low-key loves indulging in and learning about Astrology (“Stef, I think you’re overreacting again.” “It’s a Cancer thing!”*) I have to admit this is one has me riveted! A mix of the creation story you know and love and a creation story we don’t know (but I’m sure we will come to love!), you have to wonder if the ancient humans looking up at the skies saw something we didn’t (maybe like, actual stars? For us, starlight is just a romantic word for poetry; for them, starlight was an actual phenomenon prior to electric lighting). Please enjoy this,


by Dakota Brown


In our beginning, there wasn’t chaos. 

There wasn’t love or peace. There was no war and no differences. There was no Earth, no darkness or light. The stars in our skies had not shined in forever, and time barely existed. There were no words to describe what this place used to be, and life was just a distant memory in the minds of those who had long before failed and vanished into oblivion.

This is where our story ends, so, why is it our beginning?

This time was during the birth of the new world, the aftermath of what is now known as the hypothesis of the primeval atom, or the Big Bang. The story I am going to share is not about people like you.

This story started with the stars.

The stars formed constellations. In today’s world, we would know them as the plane of the ecliptic, the zodiac. However back then these were real people, the first gods. They were omniscient beings only addressed as the council in our earliest records.

And from the council, humans received the gift of personality. They had created the first world as an experiment facility. A place where they could inhabit their trials of temptation, and the first higher being they created, was named Godfrey.

Based on our birthdays, we fall under different categories of personalities. But before us, things were different; there were no regulations on personality distribution. Each of the higher beings are known for their distinctive traits, both good and bad. Scorpios are passionate and unpredictable. Leos are incredible leaders but can be very vain. And the Taurus are brave, but often at times considered reckless.

The only mistake that the council made with the creation of Godfrey was his existence in the first place. With the belief that an individual who only had positive traits would be the best leader for Earth, each of the twelve-zodiac gifted Godfrey with amazing qualities. This made him a superior ruler. The council didn’t want a superior leader to rule Earth. So, they made Godfrey the king of the skies and tried again.

With help from Gemini, they successfully created two adjoined leaders for Earth. The twin sisters Aurora, and Pandora. But the sisters had very split personalities and often bickered about how to raise the children that would soon be roaming about the surface. Aurora and her older brother Godfrey got along quite well, so the council made Aurora the queen of the shadows. She would have her kingdom in the lower clouds of heaven, where she would assist lost souls, and eventually send angels down to Earth to help those in need.

But that’s for later on in our story.

Now the council believed that they had the perfect number of leaders for their experiment, but what if their plans went horribly wrong? They would need a place and a special person to hold the faulty subjects. A few of the council members came together and created Godfrey’s younger brother who would be tasked with ruling the underworld. He was named Lucifer.

Being on different planes of existence, the siblings had no way to communicate with each other. So once more, the council decided that they needed another individual to help execute their plans. They created the final being, the messenger god. Her name was Eden. She ruled the secret garden that would connect all of the planes.

Now their experiment could begin.

The council entrusted Pandora with a box, and they told her that under no circumstances, she was to ever allow anyone to open it. She needed to keep it safe. So, Pandora went to the only place that she knew it would be hidden. She went into the deepest, darkest, and most untamed part of Eden’s garden. The place closest to Hell itself. She left it there in the thorny tanglebrush, far away from where anyone would ever dare venture.

The council then retreated into the stars. Once again forming their constellations, waiting for their experiment to unfold.

And the box was forgotten about.

*    *    *    *

(I’m just saying, if you feel like you want to be on the wacky weedus without being on the wacky weedus…watching this will do it!)


This is a retelling of a few different mythos being woven together, primarily Christianity, Greek mythology and astrology. Giving a brief outline of the story, it is what takes place between the children of the gods to result in “the Big Bang” occurring. Everything is connected to the opening of Pandora’s box in the beginning, and leads down a rabbit hole of adventures the children go on in the garden of Eden to rid themselves of the sins they’ve unleashed on the earth.

Dakota Brown is a third-year undergraduate student attending the University of Idaho. She is pursuing a double major in English and Secondary Education. Dakota is planning on continuing her education to receive a masters in either Educational Leadership or Curriculum Design. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends and writing when possible.
*Stef here again. I just wanted to say that I have thought it through and come to the belief that it is irresponsible to blame my faults on my sun sign. Totally irresponsible. Everyone knows it’s because my Venus is in Leo.

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