Creative Community Convergence 2022!



As the Byrds were once wont to saying, “To everything…there is a season…and a time to every purpose under heaven”.

And, well. The time has come for our next reunion!

Once again, we are requesting the honor of your presence at the rancho of Victor Villaseñor at 1301 Stewart Street, Oceanside, California on June 11th, 2022 at 2PM for a potluck and a mingling of creative minds! Be prepared to meet friends–old and new–who are writers, artists, screenwriters, poets, film makers, musicians, and creatives of all kinds! Don’t consider yourself creative? Then come over and create a good time with us! The stage will be open to anyone to who would like a moment or two to promote themselves and their work! The event will also be accompanied by the musical talents of Robert Ballentine! There will also be a raffle for a chance at a publishing contract!

Our esteemed host, Victor Villaseñor will come out for a bit to speak, so stick around for his first lines–as well as yours.

Some things to bring along:

  1. A homecooked meal that YOU made yourself! Show off your culinary skills for us (it IS a potluck, after all!) We will commence with eating around 4PM to give us all time to mingle and chat before the meal! BYOB (Bring your own barley so you can make your own beer!)
  2. Bring a book-or two! Or three!–that you’ve enjoyed for a book swap! Give someone the gift of the joy this book has given you and receive in return the joy of a new book. If you are published, feel free to bring a copy to give away as well (though we welcome authors to bring copies to sell!)
  3. A fold-out chair. We will bring as many spare fold-out chairs as we can, but to be safe, if you can, please bring one of your own to ensure everyone has a place to sit.
  4. A warm jacket. Please note that this event will be taking place outdoors, and since we are very close to the ocean, the temperature will drop if you plan on staying into the evening (take my word for it!!!)
  5. I would also recommend wearing masks–especially if you fall into any category that would make you susceptible to falling ill. For further information on protecting yourself, please visit

The event is taking place in a residential neighborhood, so it is street parking, but if you require any assistance with parking considerations, please email our fearless leader at

It’s a time for reunion. A time for hugs. A time for poems. A time for songs. So save the date.

I swear, it’s not too late.



I want to give an extra special shout-out to Kayla Roth–partly because of the love and support she’s shown me over the last 15 years–though mostly for the love and support she’s shown especially over the last few months–but mostly, the thanks is for letting me steal these images off of her Insta! Ha!


A-well, ah, Byrds, Byrds, Byrds–B-Byrds the word!

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