General Rules for All Writing Contests

We are delighted that you not only have something to say, but have chosen to say it through A Word with You Press.

We look for passion, engaging use of language, and generally a story’s ability to make us think what you think, or feel what you feel, or visualize what you yourself see so clearly based on the prompt that we provide.

The parameters (word count and duration) will change from contest to contest, and will clearly be stated.

Judging may also vary with each contest, sometimes exclusively judged by the staff of AWwYP, and sometimes winners will be selected by popular vote by all who entered the contest, and who provided comments on at least three stories other than their own. (For each story on which you comment, you earn a vote).  Occasionally a celebrity author will judge.  Watch the details with each contest. We are a civil bunch. Please don’t submit anything that denigrates any group of people or is in our view pornographic.  Profanity is fine if used appropriately in your story; we are editors, not censors.

Fee to enter varies from contest to contest, depending upon the value of the prize offered.

We hope that by submitting your work you inspire others to do the same, helping us expand a vibrant community.

Send through paypal to 

Editor-in-chief being brilliant

Publishing rights:  By submitting your work, you are giving AWwYP the right to publish your work on this site and one-time rights in hard copy or eBook,  after which all rights revert back to the author.  We reserve the right not to publish anything that is sent to us.


  • MS Word compatible (.doc or .rtf; please do NOT use docx, as some of our editors do not use Word for PC)
  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Title, author at top (will be displayed if published)
  • Author email and contact info (will not display)
  • Optional: link to your website and a request to post link at the end of your story.