Writing Contest - “One-of-a-Kindness” Our new contest

Writing prompt:

Give us up to 750 words about an act of generosity, kindness, or self sacrifice that reinforced your faith that the world is populated by good people.

Contest Aperçu

How to Submit

send as an attachment to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com Paypal to same address

to be eligible a contestant must leave comments on at least three stories.


"More Good T-shirts to first ten who enter. A plaque or trophy for the winner and $50 donated too the charity of your choice. Refer to the post "One-of-a-Kindness" for details


  • Genre:
  • Max number of words: 750
  • Accepted formats: .doc, double-spaced
  • Deadline: Friday September 14, 2018, midnight
  • Entry Fee: 10.00

*Pay Entrance Fee

*Optional for previous contestants.

Publishing Rights

By submitting your work, you are giving AWwYP the right to publish your work on this site and one-time rights in hard copy, after which all rights revert back to the author.

We reserve the right not to publish anything that is sent to us.