Writing Contest - That game of Thorn’s: REIGNING CATS AND DOGS! Our new contest!

Writing prompt:

They see everything. Did your cat or dog witness you fail? Struggle? Win? Fall in or out of love? Give you a reason to keep your grip on this whirling planet when its centrifugal force would cast you into space? What did you learn from the creature whose litter-box you are required to empty, or who delivered a saliva-soaked leash reminding you of your appointment with the park? Cats and Dogs. They reign. Tell us about yours. And send us a pic of the pooch or puss.

Contest Aperçu

How to Submit

Send your entry as a separate word attachment to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com. Contest entries must be received by midnight June 15. Finalist will be selected and given a new prompt with short deadline. Winner announced June 27th in dishonor of the birthday of the editor-in-chief.


Send us your dead pet and we will have it stuffed and mounted on an attractive plaque. Or, if you prefer, we will send you a mystery trophy with your name engraved,  and a $50 gift certificate to your favorite pet store, or to Home Depot, Starbucks, or Barnes and Noble.  You and your pet decide.

[caption id="attachment_25511" align="alignright" width="225"]In dogged pursuit of an attractive trophy In dogged pursuit of an attractive trophy[/caption]


  • Genre: Flash Fiction
  • Max number of words: 500 words
  • Accepted formats: .doc, double-spaced
  • Deadline: Wednesday June 15, 2016, midnight
  • Entry Fee: 10 bucks per entry (up to three). Fee is optional for those who have entered previous contest, but please pay if you can, so that we can break even after procurinig a trophy and prize, engraving a plaque and mailing.

*Pay Entrance Fee

*Optional for previous contestants.

Publishing Rights

By submitting your work, you are giving AWwYP the right to publish your work on this site and one-time rights in hard copy, after which all rights revert back to the author.

We reserve the right not to publish anything that is sent to us.