Contest up(side-down)date


The reference to horses is my cryptic attempt to let you know I am trying to stable-ize my stay in the Czech-it-out Republic.  I will mount up and trade my thingdom for a horse to join friends this June for our Fifth Annual Riders’ Reu…OOPS!  WRITERS’ Reunion in Oceanside, California at the Hacienda, as always, of best selling author and friend Victor Villasenor.  Exact date to be determined.  (By the way, I will be looking for a place to tether my pony late May and early June.  PM me if you have oats, hay and water and live near Oceanside).

In the meantime, our contest is winding down, with several entries still to be posted before we announce finalists.  So, if you have a story submitted and do not see it published, please let me know by private email at

I have done my best to stay above the fray in what turned out to be a very contentious contest, but I promise to trot out my own feelings without having to consult the gallop poll, or my canter.

love to all,

your eQUESTrian-in-Chief


sometimes my vanity needs to be cropped


2 thoughts on “Contest up(side-down)date

  1. Miryam says:

    Hey T! All the best in your efforts to secure future whereabouts! Wish we could make the trip in June to meet up with everyone, but not thinking our bank account will allow this year… Hoping for some good LIVE coverage of the event!!!! Meanwhile, I am exploring the literary groups in Israel, and there appears to be many…. but my heart belongs to a Mr. Thornton Sully and A Word With You Press. As the current contest comes to a conclusion, may the efforts of all who entered, commented and facilitated the web of dialog, know they are greatly appreciated. Peace out…. Mimi.

  2. Lady Pafia Marigold says:

    I wonder if Lady Godiva ever rode such an upside down, chocolate-mane, stallion? My, my, that is living low or is it high on the horse? From a wink to a kink without an English saddle, I wish you good trotting paths of adventure under glass ceilings. As they say (since I have apparently put my hoof in my mouth about horses) the shoe must go on.

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