Contest finalists denounced


After careful debilitation I have contrived at my derision:

Here are the four finalists for our contest You Didn’t Write That

Tisha Deutsch

Mike Stang

Ashley Johnson

Mitt Romney

Mac Eagan

Thornton Sully

Miryam Howard

Pablo Picasso

Ernest Hemmingway

What is amazing to me, however, is that of the 45 or 50 stories, none of them even hinted at the theme the editor-in-dis-belief (moi) outlined, that is to use it as an expose of why you are impassioned by your writing addiction. Two of my choices were based on my own prejudices.  I wanna feel something when I read, and I can’t do it unless the author feels something.  The other seven of the four that I picked was done by random seduction, but even those, upon rereading them, had the emotional content that feeds our addiction to the written word.

So, if your name is on the list, you are a finalist, and you have until Sunday to submit about 200 words that include the line (some might say cliche’) This changes everything.

Sunday, Noon, California time.  Ultimate trophy/prize to be announced when the winner is announced.

The guy in the suit?


30 thoughts on “Contest finalists denounced

  1. Julie4 says:

    You wrote, “What is amazing to me, however, is that of the 45 or 50 stories, none of them even hinted at the theme the editor-in-dis-belief (moi) outlined, that is to use it as an expose of why you are impassioned by your writing addiction.”
    I respectfully disagree with you.  I intentionally addressed what you requested and more. 
    Under my name and a pen name in two stories, I demonstrated why I am impassioned about what you called my “fiction writing addiction.”  In both stories, I clearly demonstrated what prompted me to start writing fiction. 
    Respectfully submitted,

    p.s. The jumbo font size has reappeared.

      • Julie4 says:

        Most folks have a muse, something pleasant/happy and positive… a person, a pet, perhaps somethign else animate (real or surreal).  These, I think, are more easily captured in a story than an inaminate muse, which is, perhaps, an on-going real-life situation.  In the latter case, the muse manifests itself as a story that demonstrates the situation, rather than describes the situation.  Maybe, I’m not clear.  Here’s an example:

        Maybe, this is akin to an MD A who sees other MDs performing surgeries without the level of skill and expertise that he has fought so hard to attain. He, MD A, a sole voice, doesn’t have the power to affect any changes in licensing, board certification, etc.  So,  out of frustration, MD A writes fiction not about this situation.  Instead, he uses develops a fictional story in which MD X recommends a surgery to patient John Doe. MD X performs the surgery and it fails, which is what almost happened in dozens of other surgeries… and…

        Thank you, but you made your selections for the finalists.  Please stick with them.  Four is a good number of short-shorts for people to read, think about, and post their comments. 

        Instead, may I add a marker next to your name, something that I can call in, if/when the occasion arises? 

        • Thorn says:

           absolutely, but you will see that there are more than four names.  I can screw with the rules.  I always do.  We have five, plus the dead guys plus Big Bird plus me.  You sure you don’t want me to break the rules again, just for you?

          • Tlrelf says:

            What they said. . .

            Seriously, though, once upon a time, I was in another writing group where someone told me I needed to get a new Muse as mine was a bitch. Hence my story. . .Several people in this group told me that they didn’t think there was a market for what I wrote. They were meanie-faces a lot of the time and groaned when it was my turn. Furthermore, they tended to slam me rather than the writing. I left that group (comprised mostly of English teachers, what, you’re surprised?) and didn’t join another small one until this one where I’m happy. . .

            The Muse in my story was the encapsulation of ALL OF THE MEANIE-FACED GROUP MEMBERS. . .

            The second story was based on the horror I experience when I’m afraid I made an eggregious typo or if I misquote someone or if I make a glaring mistake or if. . .or if. . .

            I’m not arguing for a spot in the limelight, just expressing that these stories came from a scary emotional space. . .a place of horrendous pain.

            I just want you to feel that now.
            Or imagine you feel it.

          • Thorn says:

             Nice to meet you at last my dear!  After two years, it was about time!  Terrie drove up from San Diego to check out the towers for the first time, and found me acting editorially, actually at my desk.  interviewing an intern!

          • Tlrelf says:

            Yeah, it was so cool to finally see where it all happens. In case you are all wondering, Thorn makes an awesome cup of coffee and is a great host! He even had cookies and bananas, but I declined. 

            Hope my friend, Dean, shows up for the Wednesday night thing!

            Oh, and the scrotal bag is HUGE!

    • Mac Eagan says:

      I am with Julie on this one.
      I respectfully refer everyone to my first posted story, about the graffiti artist, and the line, “I use art to show how I see the world.”  Did everyone think I was really talking about spray-paint?
      I now submit for your consideration my second entry, about the reviewer, and the statement, “John, you told the truth. Like always.”  This one might not be as obvious, but truth can be challenging.  Some of my truths might be made up, but the truths I write are to challenge people and get them to look closer at themselves and their way of thinking.
      And, of course, sometimes I just write to entertain.

  2. Tlrelf says:

    Congratulations to the semi-finalists! You better do what Thorn says or he may send you on an all-expenses paid vacation to Washington, D.C. where you will need to interview all of the interns. . .

  3. SalvatoreButtaci says:

    Congratulations to the four finalists! It was a fun contest to enter and am looking forward to the announcement of the winner and of the next contest. 

  4. Thorn says:

    Hi Folks

    so far I just have Trisha’s entry, which I will post on Sunday.

    My computer crashed, and while I have not lost any data, it is in for repair to get a new power source installed.

    I have offered what I have in trade to the computer tech, but apparently I am of the entirely wrong gender to make that work this time around.

  5. Ashley Ana says:

    Almost finished with my final entry! I hadn’t written in at least 2 years until I found you all…this is kinda fun!

  6. Chalice_Divine says:

    Gratz to all. On careful review I realise I didn’t follow the editors guideline. oopsie:) But still quite a few fun reads eh? Good luck all:D

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