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A Word with You Press prides itself in selecting only the finest stories for publication through our rigorous proofing, editing and publishing process. As most any relationship between an author and their editor is intimate, we work to ensure stories are birthed through thorough proofreading, strong story arcs, excellent pacing, and clear direction and style.



We focus on what seems to be the universal weak link with every author: the story arc. Anecdotes, however well told, need to be braided into your manuscript to pull your readers where you want them go.Click here to learn more.



At some point, you will want to publish.  We handle the design, edit, illustration and proofreading of your work, while allowing you active participation in the process.

Let Your Website Sing Your Good Graces!


Once you get your book published, we can build and host a site for you to help you distribute and sell your book.  Click here to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Check Out Our Services

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I am personally seeing a consistent improvement of emphasis as to the business model side of AWWYP, however, I would be curious, if this were my publishing house, how potential writers considering digital and/or book publication services, are viewing their decision as to AWWYP or otherwise.

    As a writer, seriously considering my options, I would welcome a survey to offer my own positive and negative feedback and your response as to potentially contracting work with AWWYP. In sales I learned that closing a deal is about uncovering reservations and satisfying them. I offer this with positive intent.

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