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May-June 2013 AWwYP contest submissions

Sasha Deal: Green eggs and Wing Nuts!

Cat got your tongue? Literati! Our own Technical director Diana Diehl has been pried from her obligations writing a screenplay (for pay!) to play with us again, this being her second entry into Wing Nuts. She explained herself in an email, and though it does not quite rate a Thorning I thought it none-the-less inappropriate […]

A wing and a Prayer–Wing Nuts continues

Do visit the Break Water Brewery if you are ever in the ‘Side.  Here is their menu and events page:  (Hope Tim gives me a free beer for this!) AAhhhhh Literati! Stefanie Allison has sent me her second entry for our contest, Wing Nuts, to make up for the affront most likely that her […]

Parisianne Modert: A story that is in the past, present and future, tense!

The Lamb’s Pub in London. Don’t let the black sheep in your family pull the wool over your eyes!   Literati! Parisianne Modert (rhymes with Cobert Repor) is new to our site, and her entry into our contest Wing Nuts is based on a writer I am unfamiliar with, but that’s why there is Wikipedia. […]

Sittin’ by the Doc on the (Monterey) Bay

Good morning(at least it is morning at the towers) Literati Here is a quote from Diana Diehl’s wingman, John Steinbeck: “The writer is delegated to declare and to celebrate man’s proven capacity for greatness of heart and spirit—for gallantry in defeat, for courage, compassion and love. In the endless war against weakness and despair, these […]

A spirited wingman, to say the least!

  The editor-in-chief (moi) seen here discussing ghost writing with intern Literati! Who among us can stop at a single sip of Sheri? Sheri Strobaugh has delivered her second entry into our contest Wing Nuts. No Title?  Hmnn.  I will give it a title…let’s see… How about Something in the way he swazye by Sheri […]

“..or are you just glad to see me?”

We here at the towers that are A Word with You Press are always glad to see Monica Brinkman, seen here preparing for submission. (What!  CONTEST submission!) Her contest entry makes me wish I was one of the girls. A Girl’s Night Out by Monica Brinkman Figures he’d show up. All I wished was a […]

Stefanie Allison takes it to the Max

Coffee break at A Word with You Press Literati!  A warning!  Stefania Allison uses bad words in this!  (it was late at night that she wrote this. Maybe she was a little tuckered) I thought as I always do that I am everyone’s favorite author, but Stef has declared it to be Tucker Max (sounds […]

Edgar Allen Poe is a Raven Maniac.

   Mike Stang “Putting Gravitas on a LoCarb Diet”  Literati! I have seen the diaries of my great great grandfather Thomas Sully who had his portrait studio in Philadelphia.  He wrote of a morose young man whom he referred to as tortured and brilliant, and used to come watch him paint by the hours, saying […]

Sheri Strobaugh is stumped…Wing Nuts, the contest, continues!

You may be stumped but at least you are well rooted. Literati!  As I have said-an original thought, by the way, “(re)Build it, and they will come!” Sheri Strobaugh felt the pulsations through cyberspace that A Word with You Press was being solicitous, once again, and had a contest. Or a little bird told her(that […]

Tiffany Monique has a Jaded past! Our contest continues.

Literati!  New to our site is the brilliant Tiffany Monique, with her entry to our current contest Wingnuts. ( Her wingman as she sleazes into the bar is Dean Koontz.  Here is a bit about the lad: Koontz was born on July 9, 1945, in Everett, Pennsylvania, the son of Florence (Logue) and Raymond Koontz.[3][4] […]

Proud Mary keep on yearning…a new wingnut entry

Here is a picture of Mary, Queen of Scotch, on casual Friday Literati Maryly Maryly Maryly Maryly life is but a dream. Vincent Pritchard is new to our site, coaxed into the playground by our own Diana Diehl… The more the Maryer. Vincent calls his entry into our Wingnuts contest, which ends June 10 Quiet […]

Sal Buttaci walks into a bar…our latest contest entry

Seen here are Peggy Dobbs, Gary, Derek and Thorn.  We drank Sal  under the table Oh libation-laden Literati! Sal Buttacuci has staggered into our contest, Wingnuts. I always thought St. Pauli was the mafia guy that got rubbed out in the Sopranos, but apparently not.              Instead, she’s part of […]