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May-June 2013 AWwYP contest submissions

Clark just kent get it into his head he is no Superman

  Literati!  Good morning! At the L.A.Times Festival of Books we met Frenchman Alain Rheault, there to read from Joie de Vivre, which is French for Joie de Vivre. You can visit Alain if you speak French as well as Moi at Here is what happened on a typical date he had, as an […]

Michael Dilts gets his kicks on Route 66…6

Tis the road paved with good intentions, not to be confused with East Hell Boulevard, wherein Ed Coonce resides ( Literati! Fresh blood!  If he’s got a pulse, he’s mine! A new entry to our contest from someone entirely new to our site.  Surprised his wingman isn’t Dante. You still have a chance to win […]

Billy Holder begs for clemency: Wing Nuts continues

  Literati…Seen here is Silicon Valley.  I fail to understand its significance in Billy Holder’s second entry into our Wing Nuts contest. Perhaps you can enlighten me. As for Samuel Clemens, I love his quote: “Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lay down until the feeling goes away.” Here is Clemens lying down […]

I have a little bit of Europe left, but I’m all Out of Africa

  Literati!  And you thought Will Smith was just another pretty face!   He is actually Peggy Dobbs’ favorite author! Will is seen here with Nelson Mandela, a scant 15 years older than he, born in 1918. Do you need further proof that writing keeps you youthful?  If only Nelson were a writer! Here is what […]

Mike Stang hits bellow the belt

Shown here is Mike Stang and Billy Holder fighting for the title of flashiest shorts…Saul Buttaci, also known for flashing his shorts, referees. Painting by Saul Bellows..(What?  oh…sorry.  Wrong Bellows)…OOPS!  SAL Buttacci ( Literati! Mike Stang, who is not dead despite what KYLE Katz posted in her contest entry, has declined to be alienated from […]

I was thinking to myself….

this could be heaven or this could be another Wing Nuts entry! (apparently God’s favorite drink is the screwdriver) Literati! KYLE Katz takes us on a tour of the Infernal Writ–oops!–ETERNAL Writer’s Club with her favorite wingman, Mike Stang. Somebody care to buy the lady a drink?   Dead and living in New York By […]

The convent shun all wisdom: Get thee to a nunnery…Wingnuts continues

AAAhhhh! Literati!  Our thanks to Suzanne Morse, woman warrior, for the gift of this whine goblet that clearly indicates that William Shakespeare had anger issues expunged through writing. Our friend in the UK, Jack Horne, found a few more with which to diminish the wench what done him wrong. Please join him as he extracts […]

A staggering account! Editor-in-chief (moi) wings it

The world’s second most interesting man shares an inside joke with the editor in chief.  He quips; “I don’t write often, but when I do it’s for A Word with you Press” Literati As of this moment, I have no idea what is to follow as my own entry into our contest Wing Nuts.  But […]

Finally! An authority on sleaze bars staggers into our contest!

(Stephen Roberts is a well-bread author) Ladies and gentlemen of the Literati! With diligence and medication–oops!–dedication–New Yorker Stephen Roberts makes it his mission to research (yes, he calls it research) the best bars in New York, and to detail his findings in his blog “Best Bar Wednesdays” ( So that is why we are so […]

Chicken wingnuts on the menu at The Dew Drop Inne

Horace, the gold and bejeweled trophy donated to this contest by artist/satirist Ed Coonce ( appears visibly upset to discover chicken wings on the menu of The Dew Drop Inne Literati! Kenneth Weene has come home to roost after being absent for a while from our site. He has spent the time in a Buddhist […]

Beauty is in the eye of the B Holder

Seen here one of the contestants for Dimestories speaks into the microphone at A Word with You Press, which is hosting Dimestories this Friday at 6;30 at the Towers that are A Word with You Press. Check it out on FB at Literati! Billy Holder, the pablum-personality that tones down wild excesses on this […]

That’s the way the barf lies–our sub-human contest continues

  Literati!  I once pulled into Nazareth.  I was feeling about half past dead. Then I discovered that Nazareth, Pennsylvania, was to home of Martin Guitars so this was no place to get unstrung. Though perhaps I would have though differently if I knew it was also the home of Diane Cresswell’s favorite tavern.  Let […]