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Any announcements or actual stories by finalists to the First Annual Peggy Dobbs contest.

Entry Number Seven! Our FINAL finalist

  (my old stomping grounds…Almost Avalon soon to be published!) Good Evening again! I am now posting our last finalist in The First Annual Peggy Dobbs’ Write-of-Passage Contest. I will let all the stories settle a while, and tomorrow I will submit a post that will allow you to tell me who is supposed to […]

Princess Kismet of my thousand starships.

(another horny intern to deal with at the towers that are A Word with You Press) Good evening. A little late posting the final two stories.  Spent the day in court, but as Jean Rodenbough so frustrated us in one her contest entries “…but that’s another story.” There are but two stories to post as […]

Looking for Love in the towers that are…A Word with You Press!

(we are more than just a Hole in the wall) Literati! Here is tonight’s second finalist entry into The First Annual Peggy Dobbs’ Write-of-Passage Contest. This makes five of seven, the remaining two to be posted tomorrow night. After that, I will set up a spot on the blog where you can express who you […]

“The Sands of time were falling, from your fingers and your thumb…

…while you were waiting for the miracle, the miracle to come.”  L. Cohen Ahhhh!  Here I am again. Come, oh ye faithful Literati, and read another finalist entry into our First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest. After this, I will post another this evening, and then two tomorrow night, and will announce the winner on […]

It was the Bess of times; It was the worst of times…Another finalist’s entry

(Miss America, 1945) I am still here! Aahhh! Literati!  Here is contestant # 3 doing his/her bess–oops!–BEST to win the five Franklins which I have dangled in front of you all to help me build up the traffic for our free, de-facto writers’ workshop. Here is Bess by Contestant # 3, a finalist in our […]

Helen of des Troy…a sad submission for a finalist in our contest

Literati! Good evening from the towers, indeed, the spires that are A Word with You Press in downtown Moscow. We have the stories of sic–oops!– SIX  finalists to post in our First Annual Peggy Dobbs Write-of-Passage Contest. I have received all entries, and will post two tonight, two tomorrow, and two on Friday.  Please do […]

And what is it exactly that your mother does in Hell?

Literati! I have received final entries from five of our seven finalists, and have decided that their stories will be posted without retributi–oops!–attribution! My guess is that you will be able to speculate who the author is because each finalist has a distinctive style, already developed  and evident in their previous submissions.  Why not give […]