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Dec 2012 contest entries

Enter-sections by Kyle Katz

Many apologies go out to Kyle Katz for the unfortunate mis-posting of this wonderful story. This is her entry into the finals of the contest and was overlooked by prob’ly all of us that read Thorn’s essay on Almost Avalon. Please read and enjoy and leave Kyle some love for this beautiful story of All […]

This one has a nice ring to it.

Literati! I’ve got a sleigh to catch, but I thought I would post the last finalist in our contest:”Like a Ton of Bricks”.  The prompt being to wrap the story around “All I want for Christmas is…..”   “Looks like yesterday’s shipment, plus,” the driver flipped through the manifest, “seven swans-a-swimming.  Sign here.” […]

Where ever Hugo, Victor, I will follow

Ahhh, Literati! I was stranded in London a few years ago.  Nothing to do but stroll the streets of London and wander into The Queens Theater. (No, not something you are dragged into.  The REAL Queen’s Theater.)  In the following video, we hear a singer not so hard boyled as the one from Britain’s Got […]

You’ve GOT to be joshing me!

Literati! Oh deck the halls with bowels of folly!  Here is a finalist entry that brings a lump to my throat.  I will post the remaining finalists  to day, than off to L.A. for  a few days will Monsieur Stang makes himself unpopular…   Dear Santa. . . “I’m sorry we can’t go to the […]

All I want for Christmas is…

a charge card to your heart.  Unless you take a check.  Post dated. but…I am not a finalist in this contest; Like a Ton of Bricks. Here is an entry from some anonymous someone who is! Literati!  Here’s hoping your stockings are well-hung this year: *** My sister and I were discussing Christmas. She told […]

Another from our final list

Literati!  Almost all our finalists for our contest “Like a Ton of Bricks” have (here it comes!  my favorite word!) SUBMITTED to me! They will remain anonymous because most of their names are too hard to spell.  But I thought I would start to give you an idea as to why I chose the prompt […]

Ghost Writers in the Sky

Literati. Notice how I have not italicized the word “Literati” as I usually do? I want all the letters to stand erect(careful!) rather than leaning a little bit, so that you understand that I write in earnest… I must further  your literary education. Pay attention, class. A Ghost Writer is one whose works remain invisible […]

Now THAT didn’t take long!

  Literati! I asked, and you delivered.  Not up four hours and already we have our first of six finalists writing to the prompt “All I want for Christmas is my——” Won’t reveal who the author is til all entries are in, and Mike Stang has picked a winner.                                       Winter Jasmine   “Just […]

Knock-knock…who’s there?

 Mustang. Mustang who? Must Stang show us how it’s done? Literati. You wimps! This contest either did not inspire, or, more likely, it was too tough for you to attempt!  Only five entrants in the contest!  So I asked our judge, Mike Stang, to show us how it’s done. His entry does not count, though […]

Stefanie Allison pays lip service to our contest.

Oh, Liperati! You who read the rules to our contests may recall that in addition to loading up a 200 to 250 story with cliches, you are also required to choose a single cliche’, and breath a little life into it, so it does not sound cliche’ at all.  And who among us would not […]

Will that be first class or Coach?

Literati! Good morning from the towers that will soon be oceanfront property.  It was one of the gifts my president promised me in exchange for my vote, and I am now just waiting for the tide to roll in a little further.  He promised a similar gift recently on the East Coast, so perhaps I […]

This fits the bill

Guten Morgen, Alles!  Miene Liebling Literati! Pre-occupied with writing kraut because our chief designer, Morgan Sully, just informed me yesterday that he is now in proud possession of his Aufenhaltserlaubnis.  Everyone should have one!  Now he can legally arbeit in Berlin for the next year! But back here at the center of the universe–the towers […]