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A Moment in Stangralah–A Winner divined!

Literati! Our contest “Like a Ton of Bricks” has reached it’s weighty conclusion.  Thank you all for participating, and we will announce a new contest very soon. Mike Stang will now be adored by one and reviled by five.  Better him than me.  He had no idea who wrote what, except for the slight outing […]

Another from our final list

Literati!  Almost all our finalists for our contest “Like a Ton of Bricks” have (here it comes!  my favorite word!) SUBMITTED to me! They will remain anonymous because most of their names are too hard to spell.  But I thought I would start to give you an idea as to why I chose the prompt […]

Knock-knock…who’s there?

 Mustang. Mustang who? Must Stang show us how it’s done? Literati. You wimps! This contest either did not inspire, or, more likely, it was too tough for you to attempt!  Only five entrants in the contest!  So I asked our judge, Mike Stang, to show us how it’s done. His entry does not count, though […]

“Like a Ton of Bricks”–our new contest!

Literati!  Oh! The Pressure!… …to come up with a new contest prompt! It was on my mind last night and this morning, and then, as I was rolling my cart down cliche’ mart, looking for comfort food, the answer hit me Like a Ton of Bricks! Write about two hundred words (250 max), a conversation […]