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December 2012 contest news and announcements for the 3rd Annual Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest

“The charges have been dropped…”

…is not what the commander of the submarine wants to hear. Literati! Good morning from the towers that are A Word with You Press.  I have been out beheading the rent-dragon so that we can continue our missionary position: Putting Gravitas on a Lo-Carb Diet.  We will post a new contest today or tomorrow, but […]

Judgement day

Ahh, Literati! Though I miss the copious bribes offered me when i judged these contests myself, I do not miss the wrath of all those who actually submitted bribes only to discover that that they were out-bid by others.  And so now these calamities must fall upon the shoulders of Stefanie Allison, who won our […]

Don’t you just hate finals!

Literati! It is now down to the finals.  I have selected three entries into The Third Annual Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest that meet the criteria of engaging a reader to want to see what happens next. I am posting not only their first sentence, but the following paragraph that gives the first sentence context. […]

Final contest entries posted today

Literati! I wish us one and all the best of New Years. I love the word “resolution”.  It is RE SOLUTION.  Means you’ve got the solution; you just need to reapply it. You have all been so patient with the inconsistencies of posting on the site, and I so very much thank you for hanging […]

Contest Deadline Extended to December 31st

…and then this ghost appeared at midnight in the bed chamber of Ebenezer Sully and he said, “Look! These people are workin’ overtime and fightin’ the crowds in Walmart and redefinin’ RoadRage as they struggle toward Christmas and they got no time to write and submit their work to the contest before the deadline.” And […]

“He had an uncanny ability to predict the past.”

Literati! On to our next contest!  Easy Peasy. (No,that is not the name of the contest) Announcing the Third Annual Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest sponsored by the literary website A Word with You Press.  (that would be moi) “You can’t underestimate the importance of your first sentence,” says Victor. “Your first sentence is your introduction […]