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Does your book need a little push? Associate Editor Ben Angel will be composing author interviews and letting folks know where they can buy your book–and why they should! Hit him up! There is no fee to promote your book in this manner, and you can download your interview to use as you see fit, be it FaceBook or your own website.

Torrance’s Ghost Hunter: 5000 words with NaNoWriMo winner Stefanie Allison (Part 2)

It’s hard to have faith in a time where we’re so afraid of being wrong.

Love Poet (part 2): Jon Tobias reflects on religion and kindness

It’s a writer’s job to do things like find new ways to interpret everything. Nothing [...]

Love Poet: Jon Tobias issues challenge to find beauty everywhere

As a writer, success would be to give readers an opportunity to see beauty in [...]


The Great AWwYP Published Author Interview Project

We are proud to share our published authors' stories of success, their insight into the [...]

Thorn Has an Issue…

Unfortunately, MY issues require tissues. And a therapist.

Interview Tiffany Vakilian

As part of our series interviewing writers, authors and poets in AWwYP, we'd like to [...]

Interview: Kristy Webster

Part of an ongoing series to interview some of our published authors at A Word [...]