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Does your book need a little push? Associate Editor Ben Angel will be composing author interviews and letting folks know where they can buy your book–and why they should! Hit him up! There is no fee to promote your book in this manner, and you can download your interview to use as you see fit, be it FaceBook or your own website.

Alpinist of Life (Part 2): Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczinski shares the roadsigns of his path

If you have everything easy, you don’t enjoy it as much as if you had [...]

Alpinist of Life (Part 1): Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczinski guides dreamers to their summit

Everyone’s life is so rich... you should pay attention to it, and then go and [...]


Working for his muse (Part 2): R. T. Sedgwick engineers his poetic vision

My first measure of a 'good' poem is that its attraction is lasting - I [...]

Working for his muse: R.T. Sedgwick bridges the worlds of science and poetry

In poetry, there are no rules for writing and questions don't have to be answered.

Being Adopted (Part 3): Paige Adams Strickland explores what inspires her

I saved my journals until my first book was finished. I pitched a lot of [...]

Being Adopted (Part 2): Paige Adams Strickland teaches with fun

We are all more alike than we are different.

Being Adopted (part one): adoptee Paige Adams Strickland writes her story

When my kids began asking many deep questions, I began to write it all down.


Legendary: Robert Marazas shares the source of his inspiration

Once I had the main character fleshed out, his journey to the end of the [...]

Cornwall’s Spy Novelist – Derek Thompson just follows the muse (Part 2)

Good writing gives us permission to feel; done well, it demands it from us.


Cornwall’s Spy Novelist – Derek Thompson, unbound by genre

At an archetypal level, we are all the heroes of our own adventures.


Torrance’s Ghost Hunter: 5000 words with NaNoWriMo winner Stefanie Allison (Part 3)

My first and foremost concern when beginning a novel is capturing the story before I [...]