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Follow the weekly escapades of England’s two coolest cats(well, one of them is cool) by artist cartoonist Ruth Joyce–A Word with You Press exclusive! A weekly feature starting mid-June

He is a total ginious….

So I confess. I am terrible at spelling. I know. You would think I was great at everything I do, which is generally the case, but the arrangement of letters in the correct order within a word seems to escape me. And anything I suffer, my boys suffer also. To be fair the word genius […]

The Feline self-defence…

Greetings from En-ger-land (I guess we shouldn’t mock the many hardened footie blokes who now sit weeping into their beers in the pub after the miserable defeat we suffered at the hands of the Germans, but still…it’s really quite hilarious). As you may guess, Wuss, Boots and myself detest football. However, they do love certain […]

Ready for Wuss ‘n Boots?! I certainly hope so…

The boys have informed me (as the demanding English¬†divas they most certainly are) that they are ready to knock your socks off come Sunday. In fact, not just your socks, your entire collective arrangement of clothing, accessories included. Perhaps wear sturdy underwear? Or ensure you’re well preened for nudity. More teasing posts to come soon […]