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Nicole LeDonna, our last finalist writes a story Beyond a Title

Literati…Did you see funnyman Jon Stewart respondt o the a latest outrage, a shooting massacre that has come with such Uzi succession-frequency that all he could do was tell his audience: “I got nothing,” no sarcasm, no wit to drive home a point. Completely deflated by the events of the day. Do you recall that? Well, here I am having just read Nicole LeDonna’s finalist entry for our contest. Anything I could possibly say would only diminish from the power of the story. So no snarky words, or totally irrelevant graphic. Just her words.

Grant Laurence will soon have his alone time mandated by the law: Solitude

Grant Laurence, like Steve McQueen, defies gravity and–according to him–has sent us something a bit lighter than his previous entries. I have to (knock knock)… oh. Wait. There is someone at the portcullis at the towers that are A Word with You Press.

With Mike Stang you never know what’s coming: The Coming

Literati! Mike Stang is the third of five finalists in our Beneath the Surface contest. Here’s a story about anticipation and, just maybe acceptance of the inevitable. Two more finalists to post…I keep checking the windowsill for Sparky, our carrier pigeon. Must be disoriented by all the smoke that still hangs in the air in Moscow like the blur of a man in love.

Mac Eagan’s Bent and Jerry-rigged entry: You are what you Eat!

Literati! Mac Eagan went off reservation last night to visit his three friends who have been in our playground before: Barry, Harry, Jerry. Here is their latest misadventure. Once you get pasta this one, there are three more finalist entries to be posted, and then you can vote for your favorite.

Finalist Katie C. a-mazes us with the Maze Parade

Literati! I woke up this morning, and the second thing I did was check my emails, to discover three of our five finalists were busy last night with their second favorite activity: submitting to ME! Katie C was one of them! AFTER all five stories are posted, let the voting commence.

And the finalists are…

Tiffany checked her in box, and I have checked mine: not so easy to do … here at the towers we are quaffing smoke from wildfires in Washington blowing this way. (the OTHER Washington also blows smoke, but beneath the surface!) I was missing California, and now that I can’t see the sun for all the smoke I feel right at home….oh…the boxes are empty…meaning ALL the stories have been posted!