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In chronological order, these are contest entries for all previous – and current – contests. Please go leave some constructive criticism on one of the entries below and perhaps even consider entering here.

If You Would Be Kind Enough To Assist


Weighing in at 193 words, this unusually curt period piece challenged the normal verbosity of 19th century fiction.  But never fear, with a reliable pair of seamstress scissors, an old Remington typewriter, and some glue, anything is possible.  This is Diana’s first submission to the “You Didn’t Write That” contest. The Invaluable Assistant by Diana […]

KYLE Katz shows her stripes

Seems there is no stopping Kyle Katz, oh, Literati! Kyle asked to be posted (ahhhhh! double entendres!) even though she has already been posted twice for this contest.  She simply wants to share another story.  Who am I to refuse?  Here is her coming of rage episode in the ladies loo at school. Mean Girls…BUSTED. […]


Good Morning, Literati! Not to be bested by her husband, Brian, Miryam Meier-Howard has entered our contest, apparently thinking Brian’s sci-fi story was half-baked. In this entry, Miryam uses her noodle to egg us on with our contest You Didn’t Write That.  “Nothin’ says lovin’, like somethin’ from the oven, and Pilsbury (no longer) says […]

Johnny Deppth-a novel experience pirating someone elses work

Ahh my off-key Liberaci–oops!  LiteRAti! Fresh meat. Beverly Lucey from the other coast has found us, and entered our contest: You Didn’t Write That.  That line must make an appearance somewhere in your story submisasion, and if you can’t take my word for it–I didn’t write that–just pull down the rules from the menu bar under […]

Diana Cresswell!–You been THORNED!

Literati!– don’t say I didn’t thorn you! Every now and then I take someone’s personal email that usually accompanies a story submission(aaahhhhh–there’s my favorite word again!) and decide that their confidentiality is just begging to be breached! In order to raise money for Sumatran here at the towers, usually I just do fifty shades of […]

Gloat like a butterfly, Stang like a bee

Literati!  THE STANG is back! In this photo he can be seen editing the comments  of a literary site that is NOT A Word with You Press.  They said they didn’t like his shorts, and he punctuated them in a flash. (Uhh, Mike is the one standing) Thanks for this one Mike.  I forgive you […]

We didnt’ write that, and we didn’t start the fire

But Julie Mark Cohen is hot! Here is Julie’s entry into our contest You Didn’t Write That   but check this out after you read her story! A Perfect Match by Julie Mark Cohen   “You didn’t write that?” Annie asked.   “I tell my mother everything,” Barnaby blubbered, unbuttoning his shirt.   “Why […]

Was it a vision? or had it just

played your eyes? Hello again, my literary colleagues.  I am about to head up to Laguna Beach (yeah, life is tuff here) to work with one of my clients who is developing her memoirs that are morphing nicely into a novel.(It’s what I do, by the way. Send me an email to with your […]

Bugger off!

Good morning, Literati from the towers in Oceanside that will soon be beach front property if Rick Perry is wrong and Al Gore is right. Brian Howard, our most robust rabbi, has penned an entry into our contest “You Didn’t Write That!”. As the editor-in-briefs (it is still quite early here) I try to imagine […]

Dear Abby…How can I win this contest?

 My living, loving, Literati! Barbara Walker has found our rebooty site and has entered our contest You Didn’t Write That.  It’s amazing how many different perspectives the contest is inspiring. Barbara’s story is poignant and…well, why should I tell you what to think or feel.  It’s a good story, and a great addition to the […]

50 Blades of Gay–You didn’t write that! contest continues

 Ooohhhh!  That Kyle Katz! You can always count on her to hang out in the alphabet between the letters W and Y. And here she titillates once more, with her take on our contest You Didn’t Write That! All of you who play here can help this contest sizzle by leaving comments for all the […]

I, Clawdius–

Literati! Never underestimate the reach of A Word with You Press!  Here we have an entry from Wendy Joseph, an able-bodied sea-person on a ship somewhere between Oceanside and Shanghai.Wendy is an accomplished author, and I do hope that once you read and comment on her entry, you’ll check out the link to her book–hell, […]