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In chronological order, these are contest entries for all previous – and current – contests. Please go leave some constructive criticism on one of the entries below and perhaps even consider entering here.

“I may not get outta here, but Nether will you”

 Literati! Apparently you have made newcomer to our site Vincent Pritchard fell right at home.  He is entering a second time in our contest You Didn’t Write That.  If you didn’t write that yet, smash a brick through window number four on our menu bar and let the rules come tumbling down.   AND here […]

…and all the men and women…

…merely players.  They have their exits, and their entrances…(William, you DID write that!) Literati!  Mac Eagan returns for a curtain call.  This is his second entry into our contest You Didn’t Write That. With an election just a month away, this piece is appropriately titled: Power and Responsibility by Mac Eagan   “John, look at […]

Back from the brink, man.

 Literati. How many of us have been where Raymond has been?  Everybody loves Raymond. Everybody. I remember also that when I was married to a beautiful woman everybody loved her.  At least, everybody that could. But, because I live, I have been on both sides of the equation.  Monica Brinkman has returned to us now […]

America the BEE you tee ful!

Literati! “When I find myself in Times of Trouble, Sal Buttaci comes to me Speaking words of wisdom, ‘Let it BEE’.” Here is Sal’s second entry into our contest You Didn’t Write That.  Unlatch the word CONTEST from the menu bar and let us know what YOU didn’t write!    PURGE     by Salvatore Buttaci, Flashsquire […]

Between enemy lines

I was just getting ready to go down to the beach to continue counting the grains of sand (765,986,987,241,642,876,967,967,390 where I left off this morning) when this popped in.  A NEW entry from NEW Writer!  I can hardly wait for a full moon! (What?  toNIGHT!) Welcome Ashley!  As the others will tell you, I sometimes […]

You can always trust your editor

Fresh Meat!  Or, if you are vegan and not the carnivore that I am,  Fresh Broccoli! That’s right, a newbie has strayed into our playground to enter our contest You Didn’t Write That. Welcome.  Here is They Told Me, Keep Quiet by Vincent Pritchard             When the city woke up that morning, it was greeted […]

Cashin’ in yer chips

Literati and writers–oops!–RIDERS of bull! Rick Perry’s side-kick (that would be Gary Clark) decided that the hot sun in Texas was a little too much for Granny, so he’s done brought her to the beach here by the towers that are A Word with You Press.   Granny has entered our contest–be afraid–be very afraid, […]

And you thought I was joking! (Moi?)

Literati! This is a real contest, even better!–A SCHOLARSHIP! All you have to do to enter is TELL us your favorite book, and GIVE us a paragraph as to why it is so.  Stefanie Allison has entered her favorite, and how appropriate as we are currently involved with helping Victor promote his new work under […]

East of Eden, West of L’amour

Literati! Michael Stang  returns with his second entry into our contest You Didn’t Write That. Have you entered the contest yet?  Pull down our parameters (hey, we’re all adults here…well?) from the menu bar and pluck the keys.  Who knows , you might win…hmmnn..we haven’t decided yet. Here is West of L’amour By Michael Stang […]

I’ve just gotta get a message to you-ooo-uu! Hold o-on. Hold on!

 Not Satisfied to dazzle us with the summer games, now those Brits have crossed the pond to enter the only competition that counts!–The A Word with You Press writing contest: You Didn’t Write That. Jack Horne, one of Derek Thompson’s brethren, has re-discovered us, and has something for us…a message THE MESSAGE by Jack Horne […]

Mac Eagan, n’est pas?

Good morning, Literati! Oh, my goodness!  Mac Eagan has decided to join us.  Here is his entry into the contest You Didn’t Write That. Simply titled: Tag.  You’re it! by Mac Eagan   “My name’s Luminess.” “Your name,” Detective Lasko grumbled as he opened a folder, “is Luis Michael Ness. You’re suspected in a dozen […]

OMG!!! Two Thornings in a single week!

Oh the Joy in my Heart! A SECOND stem of Thorn’s awarded in the span of week! Literati–let me explain the honor. Occasionally I receive an email with the blush of a rose in its charm and sweetness and sincerity.  And I take it upon myself, without the author’s consent, to make certain that every […]