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In chronological order, these are contest entries for all previous – and current – contests. Please go leave some constructive criticism on one of the entries below and perhaps even consider entering here.

You Don’t want to incur my Roth!

Literati! How can I (aka moi) possibly relate to a story of undelighted–oops!–unrequited love?  But perhaps you can.  Please give the girl a little encouragement.  Tell her, remember love’s a game.  And if you want it, it can always come again… So…don’t let the sun catch you catch you cryin’ (I like that)  And by […]

Nicholas Conley puts the squeeze on our contest!

 Literati! It’s been five years since we heard from Nicholas Conley (Oh? Really?  Hmmnn.. I was using hyperbole!)  OK, we have not heard from one our original writers in quite some time, but now that our site is back up and gravitas free Nic has found us again. I am reminded of the story of […]

You didn’t drink that?

Good morning from the towers of The Word. Just a few days more to enter our contest, using as a prompt You Didn’t Write That.  Donna Kuhn has stopped by for a visit to get some of our clean ocean air and to mail a letter down by the beach.  Written in Sandscrit, no doubt.  […]

So long, Mary-Ann. It’s time that we began to laugh and cry and cry and…

Laugh about it all again. For all you Brit Lits, quick wits, and misfits. Our brother across the pond (that would be Derek Thompson) has decided that our uppers are not quite stiff enough, and is giving our contest You Didn’t Write That more than lip service.  (Which is good because my lips have not […]

A Chain letter

Good morning, Literati (and will you Lifers please explain to the newly infarcerated  that Stephen Colbert has Nation, Rush Limbaugh has Ditto Heads, but A Word with You Press has Literati?–thank you)  Prisoner Stang… The Warden wants to free you–oops!–see you.  Sorry. Michael Stang is caught here breaking and entering our contest You Didn’t Write […]


Good Oceanside morning, oh Literati. I figured it was only fair that I enter the contest as well, which ends in about a week (still time for you to submit other entries of your own) You Didn’t Write That. I am hoping that all of us, meaning you (plural) and me/I, have more in common […]

Reader’s Digest

 Literati Terrie Leigh Relf has apparently discovered my secret.  Here is another entry into our contest You Didn’t Write That   Mrs. Malaprop Pays a Visit to a Local Book Reviewer by Terrie Leigh Relf             “You didn’t write that.” “What?” Stefan yelled over the espresso machine’s steamer. “Never mind,” I mumbled, waiting anxiously for […]

Coming out of the closet

Oh, waxing nostalgic Literati! Debi Swim has sent us another entry for our contest You Didn’t Write That.  Top shelf on our closet at The Word (our menu bar) there is a shoebox that says “Contests”.  Take it down and sort through it until you find the rules and parameters for this contest, and pen […]

Love lift us up where we belong

Literati! Tisha Deutsch is one of my favorite people, though, as is the case with most of you, we have only met in the playground that is A Word with You Press. And why is she so special?  Because Tisha has the absolutely perfect excuse not to write:  she is raising about seven adopted kids. […]

Pass me the remote

I wanna change channels. Finally, oh Literati, Terri Leigh Relf has turned her writer’s block into sawdust and is (here comes my favorite word!) submitting! Have you submitted yet?  You’ll feel better for it.  Just undue that little hasp on the menu bar that says “Contests” and I’ll do the rest. Here is something she […]

Down came the good fairy, and she said:

“Little Literati!  Diana Cresswell is here to deliver the rabbit punch (line)” She’s really got quite a (cotton) tail to tell, as she risks a Thorning to entertain us once more. This is her second fall down the rabbit hole in our contest You Didn’t Write That.  The White Rabbit was last seen falling through […]

When writers share the same muse…

Literati!  Now we have a great irony! John Savage has submitted a story for our contest whose prompt is You Didn’t Write That in which he accuses a famous author who is not me of taking credit for a story he did not write, just like Richard Kimball taking credit for a crime he did […]