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In chronological order, these are contest entries for all previous – and current – contests. Please go leave some constructive criticism on one of the entries below and perhaps even consider entering here.

Lew Decker is Leaving on a Jet Plane! Entry #28

You WERE the wind beneath my wings...

Brian J Callaghan Erupts! Entry #27

"That was when it started getting dark...Then I knew, even before the people at the [...]

Promising You This Land…Tom Averna Entry #26

"...but the one who is coming after me is mightier than I. I am not [...]

The Sky Is Falling for Tim Dwyer! Entry #25

What type of star is a criminal? A shooting star!

Aurora Suzanne Has Put a Spell On Us…Entry #24

She HAS put a spell on us. And now? We're hers.

Kristine Rose Ain’t Clownin’ Around! Entry #23

"That was quite a show--very entertaining...but it's over now...go on and take a bow..."--"Take a [...]

Christmas Has Come Early! Jacek Skyrzypczynski Entry #21

Even in the darkness of winter and war, the light of human faith and tenacity [...]

Orange You Glad Julie Dunaway Is Here? Entry #20

"Orange is the happiest color"--Frank Sinatra

Mark Cohen Objects! Entry #19

"Study the past if you would divine the future." Confucius

Jon Tobias is Knock-Knock-Knocking on Heaven’s Door! #18

"The highest tribute to the dead is not grief, but gratitude." Thornton Wilder

A Bridge (Not) Too Far for Mischka Blank! Entry #17

Stone tape theory: the theory that emotional moments can be "recorded" by rocks, stones, and [...]