Calcified enema found in the bowels of New York! Our New Contest!


Rent has been successfully deferred and the Satikushes successfully fed!  We live to blight another day here at the towers that are A Word with You Press!

No!  That is not an intern–that is Julie Mark Cohen, the winner of our last contest, asking the editor-in-chief to turn the other cheek.  (Told her I was cheeky) Julie suggested a GREAT idea for a contest prompt.  It’s all about undocumented aliens!

These are her words, not mine:

It’s Spring 2113 and digging has begun in NYC for a high-rise building with an extensive underground structure (for parking) for humans and recently-assimilated aliens.  Excavation is immediately ceased when the shovel of one of the backhoes hits something large and solid.  It’s badly corroded, but with much imagination, it vaguely resembles a gargantuan steel drill.  However, no underground structures, not even what’s left of the original subway, can be found for several hundred meters.  Nothing else is nearby, either.

As the new year of 2110 commenced, no one saw the need for historical research.  Thus, by Spring 2013, no one bothers to review any historical records.  That is, they fail to find this article:

You, a forensic anthropologist, are called in to determine what this object is, how it ended up underneath Park Avenue in Manhattan, and when it was buried.  You are also asked whether this object must remain buried or must be removed.

Please convey your findings in the first person using 600 to 800 words.

You are free to interpret “alien” as you wish and overwrite the July 2011 date in the NY Times article.


Kuhl, huh!  Our new contest commences!

In the Bowels of the Bowery!

Can you dig it?  What Julie said.  That is the prompt.  Send your entry to as a separate email attachment with a title and your personal info, including your gender and availability and favorite posi–oh! wait!  I’m not the judge!

OK.  Just send your story as a separate word attachment, 12 point double spaced with your name and contact info and a title to your story by midnight February 28th, Cali time. But submitting your story you are granting us the right to make millions from it and give you nothing except our heartfelt gratitude.

YOU COULD WIN AN ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO NEW YORK FOR TWO!  if that is what we were offering as a prize. What we are  offering is a Barnes and Nobel gift card for $15 to three finalists, and a kuhl trophy to the winner.

Hope you are ready to start a movement!




Seen here is one of the Satikushes in attack mode, used so often to thwart the advance of wolves to the door. (Hey!  It worked!)




15 thoughts on “Calcified enema found in the bowels of New York! Our New Contest!

  1. Tlrelf says:

    Oh Julie, you are a genius! I can hardly wait to get started. . .I think I’m going to dream this one. Thank you, too, for giving us all month. I will need it!

    And Thorn, go sit in the corner, you naughty boy. Geez! I’m going to wash your mouth out with ivory one of these days!

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  3. Julie says:

    Folks,  Please kindly keep these instructions in mind:  “You, a forensic anthropologist, are called in to determine WHAT this object is, HOW it ended up underneath Park Avenue in Manhattan, and WHEN it was buried.  You are also asked whether this object must remain buried or must be removed.”Use your imginations!  (The newspaper article should be a springboard for creativity, nothing more. That is, you don’t have to believe what it said.)

  4. Thorn says:

    Ooops!  I did not see Ju;lie’s comment before I posted Mike’s Bora Bora Bore.  I have loosened up the parameters a (n auger) for the crayon crowd

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