Not Your Normal Author (Part 2): David Boop’s influences, both reality and fantasy

Sell me on your reality first before you sell me on your fantasy.

Disorder in the Court! Michael Dilts enters a plea and our contest!

The old changing water into wine offense--oops! DEfense!


Broody New Englander (Part 3): Kenneth Weene explores creative choice

I cannot tell you what personal scab lies underneath each of my works, at least [...]

Prooof Reeding!

That Game of Thorn's

Broody New Englander (Part 2): Kenneth Weene on humanity and salvation’s broken promise

I am a teller of tales. Perhaps that is not salvation, but for me it [...]

Broody New Englander: Actually, Kenneth Weene has a wicked sense of humor

Humor not only improves perspective, defuses tension, reduces anxiety, and displaces anger, but it also [...]

Editor, Writer, Mother: Tiffany Vakilian shares her influences and experiences

I love being a freelancer, but no one who does it would ever say it [...]

God Bless us, One and All

Peace on earth, goodwill towards humankind


The Courtesans of God, Chapter Seven

And neither of them could realize that they were falling, not only in love, but [...]

Excalibur: Robert Marazas takes a stab at our contest

There's a point to this story