Meet Stefanie

Stefanie Allison has been an active member of the A Word with You Press community [...]

Meet Lucien

Born in LA, raised in Seattle, Lucien Zell lives in Prague. His writing has appeared [...]

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Valkilian is the quintessential Renaissance woman—and she claims it’s all Thorn’s fault.

Meet Ben

With, so far, 42 countries and four continents under his shoes, Ben M. Angel has [...]

Meet Thorn

Thorn founded A Word with You Press in 200.


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A Word from Our Editor

Fellow authors/explorers, Welcome to summer from our permanent home in Prague! We are well into [...]

Second Annual Literary Award Contest

1,000 words can win you $1,000. A buck a word!

Creative Community Convergence 2022!

If an angel asked me where heaven is, I'd point to Victor's rancho.

And the winner is?

Our most recent kontest, the Kafka Konundrum, kouldn't kaptivate our readers. My apologies--usually I put [...]


Jose Monroy is Circling Back* with the Leader!

*If you don't know what that means, then you've been spared the horror of Zoom [...]

Diana Diehl’s Supernova of Inspiration!

"If you assume that the Big Bang happened gratuitously, you're talking about magic, not science." [...]