Black in Prague


Tell me again why I need to rush home to the States? Peel me another grape, won’t you?

I came across a video/blog that is appropriate to our current contest.  What is it like to be a black person living in Prague?  The following text is from the young woman who made the video:


Hi guys, this video is about my experience here in the Czech Republic. As I said in the video, this is solely my experience so please do not generalize it. I hope you enjoy this video and do not forget to like, comment and subscribe to my channel. See you in my next video….xoxo

9 thoughts on “Black in Prague

  1. Sarah Crysl Akhtar says:

    It’s worth noting that anyone, from anywhere, is likely to be “the other” somewhere else.

    A painful phrase like “you people” can come from the most loving and welcoming friends, which makes it, of course, so much more painful.

    It’s human instinct to recognize, very early, “us” and “not us.” We spend all of our lives struggling to overcome that instinct and temper it with reason.

    • Sarah Crysl Akhtar says:

      …and I did find it instructive, in light of the theme of this contest and in discussions of prejudice in general, to see her roll her eyes because officials in the Czech Republic do not routinely speak English…

      • Sarah Crysl Akhtar says:

        …and I converted korunas to dollars to understand just how expensive those salon services might have been, and as an ex-Noo Yawkuh I’d say she was getting a bargain (though of course if she was expecting Ghanaian-level prices I can understand her chagrin…)

  2. David Jenkins says:

    This is a wonderful video by a beautiful African woman. She is always positive about her experiences, even the negative. . . how to survive as the “other” anywhere in the world. Her experience is not that different than the daily life of African-Americans in their own towns, cities and country (USA) of their birth when they are among whites. It’s a good lesson for all of us.

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