Biznez as perusual at The Word!

Literati!  Don’t love her because she is beautiful!

Love her because she is here plotting and planning along with the editor-in-chief (Moi) and that other guy to the left, Billy Holder, to make this the break-through year for A Word with You Press. Theresa and moi are collaborating on a book in which I reveal all my secrets about how to attract women. Seems to work on everyone but her, whose function at The Word is to tolerate my seventh grade humour and remind me to behave in public.  Theresa is a GREAT photographer and her work will be part of the book we’re creating.  As W said “Books are great!  Sommovem even got pichers inum”  OURS WILL! I will reveal more as publication date arrives.

And below  our new ass (that is pc for associate) Billy Holder discusses disc replacement.  Billy is a specialist in Search Engine Opium and is going to help us over the next four months and beyond to build traffic to the site.  The plan is that with more people coming we will have more people entering our contests for your entertainment, and we can begin to sell the more than ten titles we have produced and that are currently on our shelves. Billy is a bit of celebrity; you may have seen his picture at your local post office so he thought it best to disguise his features behind the cd.  Paparazzi can be murder.

You might notice the coffee cup?  Andrew Jackson wearing shades from a portrait painted by our own founding fodder, Thomas Sully.

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