Billy Holder begs for clemency: Wing Nuts continues


Literati…Seen here is Silicon Valley.  I fail to understand its significance in Billy Holder’s second entry into our Wing Nuts contest. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

As for Samuel Clemens, I love his quote: “Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lay down until the feeling goes away.”

Here is Clemens lying down thinking the feeling will go away.



And here is Billy Holder’s attempt to get that very same feeling back!

Author: Samuel Clemens…Uh I mean Mark Twain

Bar: Bobby McGee’s in Mission Viejo….closed down a long time ago…a good thing LOL

Armed Bar Patrons want Bombshell

by Billy Held her

“Sometimes I just can’t decide what that aroma pouring out of the glass is Sammy.  Good or bad?”  I say this as I look into the mirror above the kaleidoscope of potable poisons. Staring back at me is a mixture of memoir; convulsing bile filled hatreds, responsibilities bereft of actions never to be repeated, revelries and copulate filled victories lost in the dungeons of today’s melodrama.

My stomach spasms, readying itself for what my mind enthusiastically convinces it will be a joy ride into a sublime destiny. I then push back the memories of those who claim to love me to drink with those who surely hate me. As
I lift and toast to today’s version of plastic endowments peddling flashy implements of my cellular destruction, Sammy chuckles,”No thanks.” Even though his eyes eagerly peruse the lofty silicon landscape of her retailing enticements.

Vonderika Patricia TifaKyle is her name.

No one knows where she’s from or what her nationality is. The sailors know her as Bunny, marines call her Brandy and the flyboys call her only when she’s finished blowing them off back into their hot air balloons.

“I’ll just have to wing it,” she says when they claim she will miss them while they’re deployed.

I decide then and there, “This is enough! I quit this downward spiral into the abyss!”

Sammy responds by telling me, “Good resolutions Billy;  next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”

I laugh and ask if he’s got enough for another round?  Sammy barks back, “Lack of money is the
root of all evil.  And stop calling me Sammy, its Mark, God damnit!”


Billy Holder at age 20.

17 thoughts on “Billy Holder begs for clemency: Wing Nuts continues

  1. Tiffany Monique says:

    I actually like the story, and would like it even if your genetic splicing weren’t so obvious. I can tell you are a poet by the way you wrote this story. No matter who wins this contest, you are an EXCELLENT writer. And a wing. And a nut.

  2. KYLE Katz says:

    Yes , i had to read this three times and had to be fully present with this author.

    I got to ride on the merry-go -round teetering on the outside edge with Billy and his elite imagination of thoughts. The centrifigal force almost threw me away from my own reality,(which i believe is this authors intent) creating a sublime madness of intellect. You can get used to the light that Holder shines on his poetic twist and turns but yet, settles in the “Oh, I get it pond.” Some of the words are reflections, others are still water. But it is in HIS contrast “the stark white background of untamed words” of his unique approach to get you to think, as his colors create intense reaction. It’s between the contrast and the colors where his communication to the reader is where Holder’s sweet spot is.

  3. 1948pdobbs says:

    Billy, that is quite a mirror you have in that first paragraph, describing a very sad man. No wonder “Sammy” knows you so well that he can predict your future. Great writing.
    Blessins, pd

    • diana_SD says:

      I agree with you there, Peggy. That’s a shotglass-sized bio full of regret right there, it is. But tell me what I have missed here, and explain in small words as you would to a child. Is Miss Vonderika robotic in origin, having silicon endowments? I adore dear Sammy hiding behind his moniker and accompanying his friend down his soon-to-be-paved route to Destiny.

      • 1948pdobbs says:

        Diana_SD, I can’t believe you are asking me. Your comment sounds like one I would be writing to you! As for your question, I don’t have a clue! That is why I chose to leave the rest of the story to you writers who know Billy. By the way you have a wonderful line in, “That’s a shotglass-sized bio full of regret right there. I am surprised Thorn didn’t have the song, “Wasted Years”, by K.K.,as his lead-in. pd

      • Billy Holder says:

        Hey Diana, the names were just an ode to several cool babes I know. Of which non of them have implants 😉 I also found it strange that everyone gravitated to the Bile and Bereft but not the Revelry and Copulation, but then again todays melodrama can sometimes be overwhelming :/

  4. Michael Stang says:

    Do you always write like this? Are you consistent dealing with the drama, or is this a creative stain that we writers have the occassional pleasure of allowing to seep into the wood. I personally behold it as a fantastic opportunity to smoke in the same room where they keep the hydrogen bombs…a good thing.

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