Between enemy lines

I was just getting ready to go down to the beach to continue counting the grains of sand (765,986,987,241,642,876,967,967,390 where I left off this morning) when this popped in.  A NEW entry from NEW Writer!  I can hardly wait for a full moon! (What?  toNIGHT!)

Welcome Ashley!  As the others will tell you, I sometimes take the sweetest, most poignant story, and frame it with irrelevant chatter and seemingly unconnected illustrations. (Usually the first thing that pops into my mind that isn’t x-rated)  But in this case, I hope the frivolity only amplifies what a fine story you have, by being in such contrast to something heart-felt, well written as is this.  So glad you decided to join us, and please please let all your friends know that you made the big time and have them come to the site and lavish praise upon you in the comments.

By the way, you aren’t the same Ashley in Theresa Ann’s stage play under construction in Let’s make a Scene, are you?  You might want to play there, too.

Cookie Cut Letters

By: Ashley Johnson


You always made me read between the lines.


“Dear Dana,

It’s been hot as hell here. I wish I could tell you where we are, but that’s still classified. I probably won’t have time to email you again for a while; we’re going on a mission.

Talk soon,



When I read what you wrote, it looked a lot more like this:


“Dear Dana,

It’s been hot as hell here can’t wait to be in your arms again. I wish I could tell you where we are but that’s still classified it’s better if you don’t know how dangerous it is here. I probably won’t have time to email you again for a while; we’re going on a mission I’m sorry, I wish I could write you every day.

Talk soon I love you,



But you didn’t write that. Were you trying to be strong? Hoping you couldn’t hurt me if I never got attached? Well you were wrong.  And you never came back. If only you had entwined your feelings with the facts that you wrote. But no, you never wrote that; I just wish you had.




I think a LOT of us wish that we had written that.  So good with so few words.  So folks, have you entered the contest yet? I am still hunting for an appropriate trophy.  Think I found it.  Let you know in a day or two.

13 thoughts on “Between enemy lines

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Terrific use of the prompt and a creative play towards she, who still lives, after he has given his life in a (presumed) war.   We must share the love we feel for others and say it everyday. Welcome to the site, Ashley.

  2. Kyle Katz says:

    I felt the heart in your story. The way you crafted this flash, grabbed me and pulled me all the way to the end. Love now, in the moment, tell that person…because you never know. I enjoyed this very much.

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    One big lesson I learned – the hard way – is that we are never guaranteed tomorrow.  We must make use of each day and that includes saying what we need to say.  Once someone is gone you don’t have that chance to express what you feel.  You have done a beautiful job here Ashley – in making this very clear.  Welcome and can’t wait to see what else you bring to our neighborhood…

  4. SalvatoreButtaci says:

    Ashley, the letter of Landon to Dana must be a common thing among those afraid, even on the brink of death, to speak their true hearts. You expressed that sadness quite well here.

  5. Chalice Divine says:

    Ah my heart. The loss of what should have been spoken, slipped into eternity without the necessary fufillment, and carrying the scar for the lifetime. I have been there, fell to my knees, and watered the night sky until it dripped blurry stars. lovely.

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