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The Drinking Fountain  is more than a contest; it is a campaign.

If you think your stories can’t change the world, you are right.  If you think your stories can change the world, you are also right. When you submit an entry to us, we know which of these realities you have chosen for yourself.

We will begin posting your entries on December 7th, (a day that will live in…you know…)  and the contest will end on another infamous day, March 7th, the anniversary of the crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. That gives us 90 days of tossing pebbles in  pond, creating ripples infinite in their reach.

(Here is the link to the contest: some of you are new here.)

Because of the imperative to succeed with this campaign,Morgan, Tiffany, Stefanie and myself need an additional unpaid intern, someone tech-savy and skilled in social media who can help broadcast our message to the widest audience, conduct author interviews, research civil rights archives, communicate with contest participants, post meaningful information and help keep us organized as we get an influx of entries.

If you would like to participate, email me at

thank you



1 thoughts on “Become one of our staff?

  1. Lady Pafia Marigold says:

    I write my truths that they be known leaving judgments to the contrary for others. Every writing, speech or action has real consequences & yes, change occurs within those risk equations of life. Equations, however, can only be correctly calculated, understood & serve a higher purpose if all sides are expressed. For instance, Pearl Harbour was not the evil beginning nor was the US financial attempt to ruin Japan nor the invasion of Manchuria in 1931 against the Chinese by the Japanese. History is only true when all sides are known. I hope this contest will allow this. I wish AWWYP success in finding their next staff member.

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