Back in the straddle, again

Literati?  Miss me?

I missed you.  Been several months in the wilderness, with brief touchdowns in igNorway, Irelamb, and Englamb, Oaklamb, Lost Angeles, Sam Diego, acDC, etc.  All on search of my mojo. The search continues.

However… this website–you–are the well to which I must return for nourishment.  But some changes are in order in this sometimes rocky marriage. Forgive my absence and infidelities.andy-devine-and-roy-rogers To err is Roy, to forgive, Devine.

A Word withYou Press has been apolitical for five years.  Our focus has been to give writers a blackboard and chalk to scrawl and perfect their message, but not one that espouses the virtues/vices of Donald, Hillary, Sarah, Barack or Bernie. We will continue with our contests that are consistent with our mission statement: Putting Gravitas on a Lo-carb Diet.  But look for a tributary very soon, a fork on our homepage, that will direct you to an eddy away from mainstream thought. I am intrigued by the power of language to not only expand the capacity for understanding one another, but the SHRINK it. Here is a quote that sums up my own thinking, from Jorge Ramos, the anchor for UniVision who holds among other distinctions being the first journalist forcefully evicted from a Donald Trump press conference:

“Words Matter. I think words are important. And words have consequences. I’ll give you an example. We’ve been fighting for many, many years not to use the word illegal when people refer to undocumented immigrants. And we think it is important, because no human being is illegal. So, I am convinced that if we are able to change that, and use undocumented immigrant, eventually that will change our conversation on immigration.”

Ramos is not staking out a political position; he is stating that the conversation has new possibilities by changing word use.  In Our lifetime, mailmen have become postal workers, Negroes have become Afro Americans have become Blacks, Mrs. and Miss have become Ms or Mz.  Queers became Gay. And so on.  Has the evolution of language mimicked the changes in our culture, or promoted the evolution towards being a more enlightened populous?  The new page on our site will allow everyone to participate in the discussion, and use their skills as writers to do what we have always wanted to do: save the world.

In the meantime Stefanie Allison will be taking on responsibilities and pleasures here such as managing new contests, finding and posting great articles of interest to all writers. She will also take the lead in furthering our Write to be Read feature. We have several books in the pipeline: Don Hanley’s self help books How to Live with Yourself and Enjoy It and How to Live with Your Partner and Enjoy It is the distillation of his half century as a counselor and mentor to couples. Mike Casper’s The SingSong Child–a Love Story, is in the chute, as is a book of poetry by Dolores Rider. Outrageous, winner of multiple literary awards by Neal Katz will also be in the mix.  Neal is no relation to Stan Katz, whose book The Emperor and the Spy has been sent to our reviewers’ club:  Reviews are trickling in, and Stefanie will be posting them in the coming week, and making certain that those who review the books are rewarded with new books sent to them at no cost. I am extremely grateful to Tiffany Vakilian for all the work she has done on the site, and for helping Stefanie get her sea legs. We will be hearing more from Tif in the future, I am sure.

That’s about all from the Towers for now. And for those of you Trigger happy to get back to where we once belonged, send in ideas for a new contest to, with a cc to 

9 thoughts on “Back in the straddle, again

  1. Mo Bjornestad says:

    Your save the world outpost in Carlsbad has a meeting on Tuesday night at Lacosta coffee roasting company you’re invited in spirit and body.

    I know some of our gang would be interested in learning more about our campus safety program. The link if you can share it selectively or with the group, is

  2. Derek Thompson says:

    Welcome back from your trek across the range of human experience. I agree that words matter – they have impact and they can change lives. That’s why it’s so important that we tell our own stories (the literally true and the figuratively authentic) our own way and to share them.

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    So the range was not your home? Or you were homing in on the range making sure the gas was off? Either way and there probably is… welcome back to the straddle you were born into and on. I’m sure Cowboy will be herding you along. Really liked The Emperor and the Spy. Wrote my review and is posted on Amazonia. Congrats to Stef – you have turned a sweet and scary woman loose onto the field. Stef I have your back… !!!! Forward and swing whip.

  4. Mike Casper says:

    Welcome back! Your dreams were your ticket out…and about. Welcome back, to that same old place that you laughed about…
    Who’d have thought they’d lead ya (Who’d have thought they’d lead ya)
    Back here where we need ya (Here where we need ya)…

    I’m laughing because I loved that show and thought the theme song appropriate. I look forward to further discussions about our nation of laws and entering contests galore!

  5. David McDuffie says:

    Welcome back. Words are very important and not only is which write. Maya Angelou call words weapons, so choose them well.

    You can choose to drop a feather in the wind or throw a brick through a window.

    Glad your Home Thron!

  6. Miryam says:

    Hello T….
    So glad to hear your plans to blaze more trails. B and I are delighted that you are pursuing more time to accomplish your passion(s). Much continued success Thornton Sully!! We love you!

    Thank you Stefanie for taking on such an important role (you know I support you).

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