Back from the brink, man.


How many of us have been where Raymond has been?  Everybody loves Raymond. Everybody. I remember also that when I was married to a beautiful woman everybody loved her.  At least, everybody that could. But, because I live, I have been on both sides of the equation.  Monica Brinkman has returned to us now that we are back on line. Her fidelity to A Word with You Press is happily beyond question.  But as for Raymond?  Here is Monica’s entry into our contest: You Didn’t Write That. Slide open fourth drawer from the left on the menu bar, and let’s find out what YOU didn’t write.

Raymond rose to the occasion and accepts his Thorning

An Act of Reflection

by Monica M. Brinkman







Raymond surveyed the room until certain he was alone. He slid open the desk drawer, careful to place each page in the exact position he found them, then quietly pushed the drawer shut. One paper remained tightly clutched in his hand. After locking the office door, he stood reading words that would haunt him:

Held you in such high esteem, far above the rest

So confident was I, knew you were the best.

Thoughtful, loving, loyal with those eyes so blue; and a touch of humor,

I would boast of you. Content these words were true


As you stood before me, shrouded in deceptive lies

Falsehoods fell from your lips as you gazed into my eyes,

Untruths burst forth, without a second beat,

As my hero turned into a zero and came crumbling to my feet.


Anguish and pain showed on Raymond’s face, tears swelled his eyes. He returned the writing to its place among the rest. How he wished he could tell her you didn’t write that because she’d have no reason. His heart ached to erase the memory of his infidelity from her mind. Guilt followed him constantly with its accusing judgment.


This was his price to pay.



Author: Monica M. Brinkman







16 thoughts on “Back from the brink, man.

  1. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    Hi again!!! We’ve missed you!

    Now, down to business: what a way to discover your spouses thoughts…he breaches her trust a second time to know the truth of her feelings for her cheating husband. Heart wrenching sad <3

  2. Anna Mullins says:

    A well written gut wrenching story that proves once again that nothing punishes one more than their own mind is capable of. Good job Monica!

    • Monica M. Brinkman says:

      Anna, you are the best. I so much appreciate you stopping by to comment. It warms my heart. And when I think of it, I’d rather be in the shoes of the person who was cheated on than the other way around. That guilt must be very painful though I don’t feel sorry for them.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    The old “what goes around comes around” can stick around.  I have to shake my head at those who think they can get away with something.  Life does not live like that.  A great job of pointing it out.

  4. SalvatoreButtaci says:

    I don’t know if the sun’s gonna shine again tomorrow morning, but this I know: If I read anything by my Monica Brinkman, I will love it from start to finish!

  5. Chalice Divine says:

    Hah. May all infedilities result in the hanging by the treacherous toes that kept them from falling over writhing above a murder of crows crowding a crow cage… Rage against the treachers regimes!

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