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Make me Laugh

Ok, we’ve had some fun with another Granny story so now it’s your turn. But, THIS IS NOT A CONTEST. Let’s just have some uncomplecated, non-judgmental, no pressure FUN! Write something funny. Make us smile, grin, snicker, giggle, chuckle, laugh, blow shot bubbles, spit tea on our laptops, titter, chortle and/or the Mother of All – a […]

Early life with Granny or While We’re Waitin’ for Thorn to Come Home

I guess while we’re waitin’ for Thorn to get back from his sebatical to his ancestral home, which just happens to be the former residence of his ancesters, (I guess that’s why they call it an ancestral home) Maximilien de Béthune, duke de Sully, also called Marquis De Rosny    (born Dec. 13, 1560, Mantes, France—died […]

It’s gone LIVE on Amazon

For all of y’all who’ve been around here for a while and for those of you who’ve just joined our group, I bring you news! The War on Bird Street is published on KDP and is ready for you to download and enjoy. It’s been a long haul getting this novel to this stage […]

Contest Deadline Extended to December 31st

…and then this ghost appeared at midnight in the bed chamber of Ebenezer Sully and he said, “Look! These people are workin’ overtime and fightin’ the crowds in Walmart and redefinin’ RoadRage as they struggle toward Christmas and they got no time to write and submit their work to the contest before the deadline.” And […]

Enter-sections by Kyle Katz

Many apologies go out to Kyle Katz for the unfortunate mis-posting of this wonderful story. This is her entry into the finals of the contest and was overlooked by prob’ly all of us that read Thorn’s essay on Almost Avalon. Please read and enjoy and leave Kyle some love for this beautiful story of All […]